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Precision Productions and Bass Gang collaborate to give you "Cyah Miss It" with Tian Winter

All it takes is one fete, one jump, or one scandalous wine to make a Carnival addict out of an ordinary person. In his latest release Tian Winter explores the undeniable compulsion experienced yearly by seasoned disciples, as he harmonizes the singular refrain that pounds mercilessly within their hearts …”Cyah Miss It”!

Whether you are near or far the melodic call of these celebrations, produced by Bass Gang and Precision Productions, winds its way to you, drawing you back to the sweetest of all musical hits.

The WeMad writing team meanwhile adds to the temptation with clever words, which paint a glorious picture of the excitement that occurs this time of year.

This alluring track makes it clear that even though the ecstasy has only just begun, true devotees of this festival are ready and willing to answer its call.

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