Stylez aka IAmStylezMusic Logs 21,000 Views and Counting!

Stylez aka IAmStylezMusic logs more than 21,000 views on YouTube, and 70,000 views on Facebook for his recently released “It’s a Pitty” music video.  The artist personally thanks fans during his live Facebook broadcast.


The independently produced song and music video has been gaining traction on the radio since its release in April, and continues with visual strides by way of YouTube and thousands of fans who have logged on to watch, comment and share the video’s link.  The video has been available for one week and already has more than 300 comments, 1.5K likes and 1K comments.  The song, which comes from a compilation of promotional singles, was produced by the artists own Blaze Entertainment Records.


Speaking to fans during a live Facebook broadcast, the artist personally thanked fans for the support, and even took time to shout out people who have supported the artist from day one.  “Nuff love and respect to my fans that’ve been with me since day one” the artist said, “from the radio people who gave me a chance, to the fans who followed my career when I first began til now.  Trust me, I appreciate it [the support] and will not let you down with future releases!”


Logging on to the broadcast from Jamaica, Canada and the US, several viewers were not shy to express their pride in the successes Stylez has been achieving.  One such success was turning on their television to see the artist doing a live Skype interview with NT TV in Uganda who debuted the video live on their Pepsi Countdown show.  “Refreshing music video” said Howie Ari “This is the first I’m hearing this artist but I know he’ll reach far.”  Kemar S adds “You haffi reach far wid this video mih Genna; trust God and big up!”


The music video for the song “It’s a Pitty” combines Dancehall culture with cinematography and storytelling.  Shot on location in Jamaica, filmed by the HD Boyz and directed by Stylez, the music video sees the artist survive a plane crash in a desert, and armed with a prayer and two Psalms, overcome obstacles meant to dissuade him and throw him off his chosen path in life.  To emphasize the point of how energy flows, subtle effects using color can be seen emanating from Stylez throughout the video.


Tying in Dancehall culture, the dance crew Unruly Skankas makes an appearance at the pivotal point in the song where Stylez realizes that he has to be his own ‘crew.’  The lyrics to accompany this thinking says “dem bwoy anuh gangsta fih real / dem bwoy ah gangsta inna panty sheet” meaning you can’t trust what people say.


Lee Majors as well as Tony Carr from WPFM 89.3 FM and Candyman from Sompa FM in Ghana all agree that the song and video are a success.  “When you get to the point that fans want to hear you on the radio and see you on the screen, you know you’re doing something right” said Lee Majors.


The video for “It’s a Pitty” can be seen on YouTube via www.YouTube.com/IAmStylezMusic



About Stylez aka IAmStylezMusic:


The Dancehall Fraternity has christened Stylez aka IAmStylezMusic the title of Yawdy Aubry!

With a polished look, and a passion for all genres of Music, especially Dancehall, Stylez is one of the few artists who performs as well as he visualizes music behind the camera.


Originally hailing from Portmore, the artist experienced the positives and negatives in life and always aimed to share those experiences in music, and by telling stories through music videos.

His debut 5 track promotional singles pack offers fans a realistic look at a day in his life.  Combining Hip Hop beats with a hardcore Dancehall lyrical flow, the artist has attracted many fans from the US, and fans from the Caribbean who connect with the package Stylez represents.


Download I Am Stylez Music for free online via www.IAmStylezMusic.com


Watch the video here:


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