Patrice Roberts Releases Power Soca "Feting Di most"

Effected on Monday 27th, January 2014, Patrice Roberts became the brand ambassador for Nestlé’s Orchard Vibe. Orchard Vibe juices comes in (4) four flavours, Orange, Fruit Punch, Passion Fruit and Mango, all made with natural ingredients
Ms Karina Hyland, Consumer Marketing Manager commented, “Nestlé’s ORCHARD VIBE Fruit Drinks are now endorsed by Patrice Roberts. One of our immediate actions will see Patrice add her vocal flavour to promote the brand through a revised rendition of her 2014 hit “Doh Rough Meh “. ORCHARD VIBE’s very name “VIBE” encapsulates everything about the feel and rhythm of the people of Trinidad & Tobago ”

Nestle is looking to increase Orchard Vibe visibility in the market place and sees Patrice Roberts as a natural fit to do so.

Patrice Roberts manager Ian Pantin said “This is all part and parcel of Patrice’s growth and viability as an artiste to assist in bringing additional recognition to corporate entities”.

Patrice was quick to point out that for her this is a campaign for self-growth and the growth of PatriceRmusic. You can continue to see Patrice Roberts on stage and part and parcel of HD family as well as her own brand PatriceRmusic.

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