Organica Duo Aurah Mixes Calm & Chaos with New Single & Video "Khorwa"

Los Angeles, CA – Infusing their three fascinations of music, nature and everyday life, Switzerland natives Marc Dold and Judith Martin join forces as organica band Aurah. Known and loved for their expressive and tranquil sound, the duo continues to expand and create music with an underlying message in the release of their new free single “Khorwa.” In conjunction with the single, a mind-bending music video has also been released.

Aurah’s audible journey within the song is taking a detour from the beaten path of traditional song structures. “Khorwa,” a Tibetan term for “the circle of life,” was co-produced by Dold and Martin, who describe it as “an exploration of opposites.” Martin’s angelic and graceful vocals project a tribal element with melodious verses and chants. Dold introduces ambient/electronic textures against raw instrumentation in order to embody the theme of urban versus rural lifestyle. The single is a sneak-peek to their upcoming album, Summon the Sky, due out this summer.

Shot in the breathtaking, fruitful landscapes of Kauai, HI, the music video captures the song by combining their shared vision of a naturally serene world, contrasted by the tensions and excitement of city life. “We are drawn to grandiose settings of the great outdoors, untouched by man. But we also live in a city with millions of people and love its colorful, lively diversity,” says Martin. The music video can be seen on Aurah’s YouTube channel.

While both artists grew up in Switzerland, they headed to Boston to further their educational journey at Berklee College of Music. After establishing their roots in the US, Aurah composed the original film score for “Loving Annabelle” and “Sunset Junction.” Their repertoire expands showcasing tracks included in the feature films “Blood Diamond” and the Academy Award winner, “Little Miss Sunshine” among countless other films and hit television shows. As a producer, Dold has scored two #1 Billboard hits and has worked with artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Nelly Furtado and Basement Jaxx, to name a few.

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