Soca Wear Calypso Beat International, Ltd in collaboration with the Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism will be staging Five days of events themed, “Calieapso Me Jahzz” “The Reconnection” to celebrate the 50th Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago at the St. James Amphitheater, which will be converted to the International House Of Calieapso” (I-HOC) from, Monday. August 27th, thru Friday. August 31st, 2012

With the emphasis of bringing about a sense of total unity among Trinbagonians, especially to those who live abroad and returning home after a long time with their families and friends.

These events are designed to reflect on the future and not the past, although it’s said, we must go the past to find the future. In this case though, we want to place “life” before race, colour, creed and political affiliations, with a cultural exposé to reconnect from, Classics to Calypso, from Steel to Drums, “Gospelypso to Rapso” “Dance from all cultures if this Republic. “Chutney to Soca”, “Chop Suey to Pelau” “Crab & Calaloo to an Oil down” “Bake & Shark to Gyro”, “Sards Roti to Shish Kabob” Film, Comedy and more importantly, Education, thus inviting all the old and new cultures of this great nation, to participate in this moment of glory, while connecting or re-connecting with a glass of ice cold Solo or Chubby for the kids or Carib Shandy or Mauby for the young old folks in the presence of God..

These events will be produced by, D. “Bodellsays” Noel for Soca Wear Calypso Beat International, Ltd; presenters of “Calieapso Me Jahzz” “The Reconnection” with the hopes of this tourism spectacular becoming an Annual one.
We have asked the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Ministry of Tourism, The Tourism Development Company (TDC) the Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism and the private local & International business sectors to come on board. We have also extended invitations to all the foreign ambassadors here in this great Republic, asking them to join us in our presentation, by lending their cultural support. Why did we ask them? Because they are our friends and we want to celebrate our Golden Jubilee with our friends and there will be a surprise roll call to indicate so.

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