Miss Miles Returns For Final 2 Shows November

overwhelming public response to one of the most celebrated and provocative original
local plays in recent years, Miss Miles returns for just two more nights at the Little Carib
Theatre: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November, 2011.
Celebrated by audiences and critics alike, with nightly standing ovations for this tour-deforce,
Miss Miles – the Woman of the World opened on 20th October at the historic Little
Carib. After two weekends of sold-out performances, the play returns for one final
weekend in Port of Spain. Renowned attorney Martin Daly wrote in the Express:
“Cecilia Salazar [is] a dramatic actress of great accomplishment, whose
repertoire of skills was substantially enlarged by the more demanding stage
vehicle of Tony Hall’s play [which] has successfully introduced many layers in
and around the central event. Out of those layers emerge intellectual challenges
and spiritual, moral, historical, sociological and political perspectives…. Wrapped
in the intimate atmosphere of the Little Carib, the audiences at Miss Miles are in
the theatrical first class, observing an indigenous capability which renders a top
metropolitan production like Warhorse merely something like what we can do,
although we work with far fewer material resources.”
Written and directed by veteran actor, playwright and director Tony Hall, the one-woman
play Miss Miles – a Woman of the World features the award-winning actress Cecilia
Salazar as Trinidadian activist, singer, fashionista and public servant Gene Miles. The
play focuses on the clash between Gene Miles’ conscience, religious faith, belief in truth
and the rigid pre-set notions of the status quo. The story traces the 42 years of this
attractive and intelligent woman’s short life – from growing up in pre-independence,
colonial, Roman Catholic Trinidad, attending St. Joseph’s Convent (Port of Spain), to the
black power days of the early 1970’s, when a struggle to develop a new and just society
gave rise to social transformation.
Gene Miles, a Trinidad and Tobago patriot, took on the powerful state administration in
an anti-corruption campaign, The Gas Station Racket in the 1960s – and paid the ultimate
price. It is perceived widely that she stood up for high standards of morality in the public

service. She caused a commission of inquiry to be launched into what became known as
the “Gas Station racket”. But along the way “Gas Station Gene”, who was rumoured as
having an affair with the People’s National Movement minister of government John
O’Halloran, lost her job, became a nervous wreck and was often seen wandering the city
of Port of Spain, bedraggled and drunk. She died of a heart attack at 42 years old.
Hall has a long career of documenting local lives and culture. He has worked with the
Trinidad Theatre Workshop and at the pioneering Banyan Limited. In 1992 he codirected
the award-winning documentary, And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon. His
acclaimed play, Jean and Dinah, is being adapted into a feature film. Hall’s other plays
include the powerful and provocative Twilight Café; and with David Rudder, the ground
breaking calypso musical The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club. Hall’s work
has been celebrated by local audience, critics and fellow writers as some of “the finest
West Indian theatre” (Derek Walcott), a “triumph” (Earl Lovelace), and
“lively…touching…powerful” (Judy Raymond).
Cecilia Salazar is one of Trinidad’s most celebrated and well-known actresses. She holds
a BA in Theatre from Brock University in Ontario, Canada. She also holds the current
record for the most awards for acting given to an individual in Trinidad and Tobago –
seven Cacique Awards. Some of her many roles include: Dame Jab in 3canal’s Jab in the
Box; Sarah/Woman in Hall’s Twilight Café; Cleotilda in Earl Lovelace’s Dragon Can’t
Dance; Lizzie in Richard Ragoobarsingh’s Mary Could Dance; Bolom in Derek
Walcott’s Ti-Jean and His Brothers; and Mme de Tourvel in Christopher Hampton’s Les
Liasons Dangereuse.
Partnering with Lordstreet Theatre for Miss Miles are producer Trevor Jadunath; Mauri
“KeKere” Hall, who has written the music featured in the show; and an award-winning
production crew, including producer Trevor Jadunath; Theresa Awai; Christopher Cozier;
Robin Foster; Sean Leonard; Wendell Manwarren; Leslynne Matthews; Desiree
Sampson; Ian Smith; Caroline Taylor; and Celia Wells. The show’s development was
funded in part by the Arts Support Alliance (TASA), and is being sponsored by the
Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism; i95.5FM; First Citizens Bank; Carib; MEP (Media
& Editorial Projects); and Absolutions Design Studio.
Miss Miles – The Woman of the World runs over two weekends: Thursday 20–Sunday 23
October, and Wednesday 26–Sunday 30 October. All shows are 6:30pm. Tickets are
$150, and available at the Little Carib Box Office from Monday October 17, 12pm–6pm
daily, tel: (868) (868) 622-4644. Discounted $100 tickets are available for university

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