Mavado Ft. Karian Sang "Take It" Video Gets MTV Debut

Mavado featuring Karian Sang’s “Take It” music video gets an MTV debut today, as it is posted as the top story on their cutting-edge global music and pop-culture channel, The single is produced by Troyton Music and distributed by Zojak World Wide, and its music video continues to rack up rave reviews and garner the spotlight on media channels all over the world.

“Take It” is the first music video from a Caribbean artist to nab an exclusive premiere by Billboard, a fact that ignited interest in this particular Mavado release, and is even referenced in the MTV Iggy piece. The video was produced in Jamaica against a classic Caribbean backdrop, and brings authentic dancehall flavors to the global audience.

MTV Iggy’s international music and pop culture writer Marlon Bishop interviewed Mavado via phone from Kingston, Jamaica in early March, to highlight the “Take It” video and also catch up with the dancehall star, who Bishop suggests may be “dancehall’s last superstar standing.”

“We been getting a lot of love for this song,” said Mavado [in his interview with MTV Iggy]. “It was number one in England for like 8 weeks, and number one in Trinidad for a month. It’s on the charts in Europe, on the islands, so things are going real great right now.”

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