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LBM – Teen Fashion Summer Camp



Castries, St. Lucia – LBM Designs will be initiating a new vision during the summer holidays designed to stimulate the creative skills of the youth. This is to provide an opportunity for teens who wish to pursue a career in the fashion industry, and in time to come, stimulate that industry into Saint Lucia’s burgeoning economy.


This new vision is to host a TEEN FASHION SUMMER CAMP for the month of August 2017, for a period of three weeks, August 7 – August 25. It has already begun to attract attention and excitement in the fashion conscious teenagers of Saint Lucia. So far, the feedback has been favourable – mostly by word of mouth.


The Teen Fashion Summer Camp will be hosted by LBM designs, a clothing company owned and managed by Lyn Bristol. She devised her idea last year, after attending a 4-day Fashion Merchandising workshop in Guadeloupe, and also from a CDF theatre summer camp where she facilitated the costume design segment where she found a couple teens who were anxious to learn more about the subject. She then decided that “time is short”, and the time to give back, is now.


At this year’s Teen Fashion Summer Camp, participants will get to see hands-on fashion movements at work, as she has arranged outings to visit Saint Lucian businesses in the fashion industry, such as, the editor of a prominent fashion magazine, also a recognized Saint Lucian fashion photographer, and a celebrated fashion accessory designer/entrepreneur. Other distinguished people in our small fashion industry will also be on hand to offer their advice, knowledge and skills they have experienced in this stimulating industry.


Participants will also learn and experience the rudiments of fashion design and merchandising, in case they wish to attend a school of fashion, and/or, take it up as a career. One of the projects on hand that they will discover is how a garment goes from concept to design to window display. In addition, they will discover hands on views of behind the scenes of how fashion shows are to be envisaged, conducted and produced. Participants will also be inducted into the regulations of branding, style trends, building a portfolio, fashion etiquette, accomplishing various projects, and more.


The three week Camp will conclude with a fashion show, designed and produced by the participants; to make it more interesting, no live models will be hired, used, and/or, be visible!!


This Teen Fashion Summer Camp is perfect for those who wish to take up this electrifying career in the world of fashion design and merchandising.


For more information, and for the Overview and Registration Form, please contact Lyn Bristol at elbeem2000@gmail.com, or call her on 719-7530.


All materials, meals, and transportation for outings are included in the cost of $300.00 per participant. Deadline for Payment and Registration is Wednesday, August 2, 2017.

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