Busy Signal's Reggae Music Dubb'n Again & Keith Hudson's Bloody Eyes

VP Records releases two special vinyl-only selections – Busy Signal’s Reggae Music Dubb’n Again and Keith Hudson’s Bloody Eyes. These limited edition releases are available exclusively through VP Records distribution, just in time for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Busy Signal’s Reggae Music Dubb’n Again is a six-song vinyl exclusive of extended dub mixes from his new studio album REGGAE Music Again. Produced and engineered by Shane Brown and his father Errol Brown, the vinyl LP is filled with live instruments, rock solid riddims and dubbed out mixes of the top tunes from Busy’s milestone album. The Washington Post calls REGGAE Music Again “excellent” and BBC raves that the project is “an important evolution of dancehall, connecting it to the timeline of Jamaican music.”

Busy Signal -Reggae Music Dubb’n Again Track Listing:

1. Modern Day Slavery
2. Kingston Town
3. 119 ft. Anthony Red Rose and Joe Lickshot
1. REGGAE Music Again
2. Come Over (Missing You)
3. Royal Night

Keith Hudson’s Bloody Eyes is a very limited and highly desirable 12” release of the title track from the late reggae icon. These bluesy cuts of his murderous rasta anthem, “Bloody Eyes,” feature two crucial vocal mixes along with a pair of mind-juggling dub versions. The vinyl EP is packaged in a limited run of the extremely rare and original 12” Greensleeves’ house bags, which have not been reproduced for over 30 years until now. The “Bloody Eyes” single is off Hudson’s classic 1978 album Rasta Communication that has been completely remastered and expanded into a double-disc 27 track deluxe edition. The vinyl EP will serve as a companion piece for this revamped Rasta Communication album, which will be released on April 24, 2012 on Greensleeves.

Keith Hudson – Bloody Eyes

 Track Listing:

1. Bloody Eyes
2. Bloody Eyes Dub
1. Bloody Eyes (album version)
2. My Eyes Are Red Dub

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