Kiko Dan… Looking for ‘Ah Hit’

New York, NY – As Carnival 2012 approaches fast and furiously, lovers of the bacchanal season have witnessed the launch of numerous new mas bands and even a new musical outfit. Adding to this festivity, several new artistes have decided to throw their hats into the festival ring. Newcomer to the Soca arena Kiko Dan aspires to not only have his name known in C2K12 but to also to ride the wave of success with his latest release entitled “Ah Hit”.
This groovy Soca offering from Kiko Dan has the makings of a true crowd pleaser with its engaging melody and infectious percussive rhythm.
“Ah Hit” was produced by Tony ‘The Mad Architect’ Brown and is a true double entendre. It was inspired by that elusive ‘hit’ song which all artistes desire and of course that intimate affair which is on the minds of most people (men and women alike) especially during the heat of the Carnival season.

Kiko (real name Kaydeem Francis) who is currently furthering his education in New York has a diverse musical background having sung and played the dhantal and dhloak from a young age at a Hindu school in Trinidad and Tobago. Upon migrating to the US he expanded his musical arsenal with Soca music and the steel pan, however, it was after singing at the funeral of a close friend that he was propelled to pursue the former in a serious manner.

This multi-talented performer has been involved in acting and athletics and has played pan at the annual Carnival extravaganza, Panorama. Although relatively new to the Soca world Kiko has opened for well known artistes such as Iwer George, Cassi and Hunter at shows throughout the Big Apple. Most notably, he composed and performed the 2011 theme song for popular NYC Carnival band Sesame Flyers.

Kiko, who considers himself a modern day artiste, admits to preferring the old school Soca. When asked about this preference he shared, “Those songs felt more authentic and the topics that were sung about were a lot more diverse. All Soca has its place, and making Soca for fetes has its validity. It is fun to create, listen and party to this type. But I do feel there is always room for growth as an art form. He further stated, “There is a lot of great Soca music out there right now. The politics of the music is steadily being overshadowed by the new injection of artistes, producers and the fusion of our genre with others.

He believes that more promotion, marketing and unity are needed for Soca to progress as both a culture and a genre. He deems the internet as an integral tool in this festive Caribbean music gaining more of a global presence and has already made his tracks available on online portals such as itunes.com, ttentonline.com, trinidadtunes.com and amazon.com

With a mature outlook on the entertainment industry and a proactive approach to making it big, there is no doubt that this young passionate performer will soon have parties rocking and radio request lines buzzing with a definite ‘hit’.

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