T&T's Tele Cruz Meshes With Jamaica's Sheba, Elephant Man and Busy Signal on Juicy Riddim

The trend of fusing sounds and genres is on the rise in the Caribbean and internationally. On the small island of Tobago- the sister island of Carnival central, Trinidad, a young artiste and businessman known by his alias, Tele Cruz is making things happen quite interestingly, when it comes to music.

As a young songwriter and vocalist Tele Cruz is staying true to his objective of taking his sound to the pinnacles of the music industry. In the past he has worked with Swedish pop singer, Maria Albayrak and he has also collaborated with Trinidad and Tobago artiste, Umi Marcano. These days however, Tele Cruz is showing off his versatility, having released a single on UPT-007 Records’ Juicy riddim- which features some of dancehall’s highly acclaimed entertainers- Busy Signal, Gyptian, Sheba, Tony Matterhorn and Elephant Man. Enticing his female audience no doubt with something called, ‘Rude Gyal’, Tele Cruz describes the vibe as one that’s sweetly melodic- something that also holds a naughty edge that he says will leave everyone in awe. “Once you hear it once, it will stick in your head. I dare anyone to sit still when this one’s playing,” he said.

Explaining that the track was written with elements of international appeal, the young businessman and artiste who is known for his entrepreneurial ability and high level of professionalism, said the single will be released in Europe, the US and Canada in the next few days. Already, the song has been circulated across the Caribbean, to radio stations and DJs and Tele Cruz is keeping his fingers crossed that this time around, the men behind the radio controls will show some support for what he has contributed. This being his fourth major release, Tele Cruz has been able to show that his musical style is all-encompassing, however throughout it all, he has stayed true to his Caribbean roots, fusing soca, dancehall and reggae beats with R&B and Pop. “ I’m all about mixing and blending the melodies and the rhythms because I think it really offers something that everyone can relate to- it spices up the music, takes away the ‘sameness’ of sticking to one genre and not exploring and intertwining,” he noted.

Highlighting that the video for ‘Rude Gyal’ is currently in the making, Tele Cruz is promising music lovers that this track and the subsequent video will fulfill their every expectation. “ Expect the unexpected,” he cautioned, promising that soon enough, the world will know his music and appreciate the sweetness of every note he carries.

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