WIADCA Carnivals New Board of Directors

The Members of West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) are pleased to
announce the Election of its new Board of Directors and Officers which were duly nominated,
voted and installed on Wednesday April 11th, 2012.
The Election was overseen and conducted by two experienced Attorneys.
Members elected to office are:
Thomas Bailey, President
Bryan Block, Vice President
Deborah Benjamin, Vice President
William R. Howard, Vice President
Eric Gibbs, Chairman
Angela Sealy, Treasurer
Jean P. Alexander, Secretary
Other Board members are:
Yolanda L. Clark
Calvin Collins
Karen Williams
Michael Greaves
Larry Allahdua
Randolph Brewster
Godfrey Jack
Randolph Babb
Members have been busy at work for the past 3 months handling many areas that needed attention. The new board is determined to hit the ground running as there is much hard work ahead. WIADCA ask the community for their continued support as the Organization tackle and overcome all obstacles in an all-out effort to meet all obligations head-on.
Thomas Bailey

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