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Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Woman Conference is returning to the Caribbean

Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Woman Conference is returning to the Caribbean

Waterbury, CT – The picturesque multi-island state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be the location for the 2015 annual Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Woman Conference (KHPWC).

Now going into its 3rd year, the 2-day event will take place on April 10th-11th 2015 at the Russell’s Complex in Kingstown as it continues to provide a forum for women and girls to get focused, build a success mindset and develop the courage and boldness to accomplish their personal and professional aspirations.

Founded and hosted by Vincentian-born author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Karen Hinds, the KHPWC offers the tools, inspiration and the support of a community of local, regional and international women.

The conference which caters to women, of all ages has previously attracted attendees from various Caribbean islands and territories, the USA and the UK who came ready to understand and utilize the power that lies within them to be truly phenomenal.

With the 2015 theme “Building Strong Relationships” the KHPWC encourages women to make and sustain positive changes in their lives and further accelerate their personal and professional growth. Speakers for the upcoming edition will cover such pertinent topics as ‘One’s Career’, ‘Growing One’s Business’, ‘Family Life’, ‘Finances’ and even ‘Spiritual Life’.

According to Karen Hinds, “We will focus on how women can build strong relationships to positively impact their personal and professional growth. Whether they are students just starting out, career women or entrepreneurs building small or multimillion dollar operations, relationships are critical to success. This conference will address how to build, maintain and even repair those different relationships in our lives that are critical to accomplishing any dream.”

On Friday April 10, 2015 the conference will be geared towards teenage girls ages 13-17 while Saturday April 11, 2015 is dedicated to adult women ages 18 and up.
After reaching sold out status in the last 2 years, for 2015 the KHPWC moves into a new facility that can accommodate 300-500 women.

Further 2015 features include 2 free post-event web based segments for patrons designed to solidify the new ideas garnered at the conference, a 7 day all inclusive option for visitors from the UK and USA as well as the availability of post-event DVDs and merchandise.

Most notably part proceeds of the conference will go towards a local charity.

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