Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Group Don Dem Successful In Canada

Don Dem is a Reggae/ Dancehall Group based in Toronto Canada. The dynamic group consists of 5 members which include Durri “the Scientist” Brown, Kez Ferguson, Kirk “Diamond” Douglas, Chaunard “Bob da Builda” Brown and Olaf “HD” Smith. Bonded by their Jamaican heritage, they have put their eclectic mix of talents together, to help strengthen each other and the industry in which they serve not just locally in Jamaica but internationally as well.

Starting out as Dancers in 2008, the group was loved for their energy, crazy dance moves and swagg as they as represented not just in dance but attire. However with Kirk and Chaunard being music Producers and writers and Olaf being a professional musician it was expected that the group would evolve into a total package entertainment group and so they did.

Don Dem is Now one of the top names in Canadian Dancehall market as over the years they have garnered popularity and recognition on many fronts. The Group was featured on one of Jamaica’s top MixTape, namely DJ Kenny’s “Spring Culture Mix” and a few other top selling CD’s for their first Single “Blind To Dem”.

The single was also recognized on Stampede Street Charts for International Artists to watch. Stampeed Street Charts is based in Jamaica but with International recognition and following across the world. With this, the group has demonstrated that their career not only as a group but individually is developing and will be a force to reckoned within the coming year 2013.

Whilst Image is very Important to the group, they are quite lyrical filled with refreshing talent and youthful exuberance. As they continue to study and learned the industry, they have realized that its always best to “think outside of the box and is able to deliver in such style, mixing their swag with a back home, up to date flow making it seems while based in Canada it seems as if they never left the place they will always call “Jamaica” home.

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