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Jamaican based, Trinidadian artist, Khalfani who became known after he collaborated with Mikey General on the remix of “Ms Taylor Bwoy” has made a startling change to his image and sound. When asked what the reason for the transformation was, Khalfani wrote the following.


For the most part my state of mind remains unchanged and as for my transformation, it is primarily of a physical nature. Yes I appear different to the naked eye, but for those who have truly come to know Khalfani, I am sure my appearance is of little significance.

Living in Jamaica has been a great experience for me. One of the greatest blessings that has been born out of this, is that I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of my own culture as a Trinidadian.

The fact that I am now involved in soca music may come as a surprise to many since I am not known for my affinity to the ‘jump and wave’ or the ‘wine and misbehave’ art form. However, I am a Trini, and soca music runs through my veins, similarly to the way dancehall would run through the veins of a Jamaican. Given this new understanding that I have come to, I am proud to embrace my culture as a Trini man, just as I am proud to embrace my Jamaican heritage as the offspring of a Jamaican father. Not only am I proud to embrace my culture and heritage, but I am proud to now take it to the world.

I fully understand that my ‘physical transformation’ and the content of my music may be confusing to those who have never seen me in this light. I however urge my supporters and my audiences to look beyond the proverbial book cover and see that I am just being myself.

I am a disciple of the Rasta faith and as such I fully support Rasta livity. I am however unwilling to be defined, or appear as what the public has become familiar with. I fully embrace change, and as such, I reserve the right to make any changes to my life as I so desire.

Life is a journey. I am on the same road, but just at a different place on that road. To those who will continue along with me in this journey, and even to those who won’t, to the friends I have made, and to those I have not yet made, to the people of the world, I wish you love and prosperity. Be not afraid to define your own existence.

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