Jamaican Gospel Singer Breezy Mckenley Ready For The Road

After spending much of 2012 focusing on promotion, Jamaica based gospel singer, Breezy Mckenley says he is now ready to go on the road. The artist who has garnered quite a following from doing tributes and cover songs (all gospel), has put a solid live show together and is making himself available to promoters and booking agents both here in Jamaica and overseas.

Breezy began making music at age 20 while residing in the United Kingdom, where he grew up (he left Jamaica at age 10 when his mother relocated to the UK). His inspiration for creating music came from time spent listening to artist like Fats Domino, someone he admires greatly. He got his start after meeting a singer by the name of Joe “sweet voice” Francis, who took him to the studio and allowed him to record his first track for only 5 pounds. As soon as the song was released, Breezy was invited to perform in several churches where he overwhelmed his audience with both his message and his musical style. His songs began to sell in numbers through the various denominations and he immediately got a solid fan base.

When his mother returned back to Jamaica (years later), Breezy joined her and has been on the island ever since. He continued to pursue his career vigorously while in Jamaica and began to capture the attention of key persons in the gospel industry. Breezy Mckenley has been featured on some key gospel radio programs in Jamaica and the USA and has performed at a number of gospel events local and abroad.

He has spent the last couple of years in the studio recording new material, and whenever possible he gets out and does media promotions. Another thing Breezy and his team have been working on quietly is his live show. They have now put a set together that they are ready to take on the road.

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