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United Nations Pageant Seeks Inner Beauty and Cultural Style

United Nations Pageant seeks inner beauty to promote tourism, goodwill and cultural style.

Pageants typically focus on external beauty, glitz and glamour. However, the United Nations Pageant hosted in Kingston, Jamaica seeks goodwill ambassadors.

The United Nations Pageant is an international event, dedicated to identifying and showcasing the best tourism and ambassadors of humanity. Contestants are scored on inner beauty or how they relate with others, and show support towards community service. Contestants from Africa, South America, India, the United States and the Caribbean converged from July 1st through the 6th, 2014. This was an opportunity for comradery, community service and cultural expression.

Leon Williams, the United Nations Pageant president, explained “Unknown to the contestants, we had judges socialize and mingle with them during the early days of the pageant. The judges were revealed later on day three of the pageant and participated in activities with the contestants throughout the week. This provided opportunity to know each contestant personably. During this part of the process, a person can excel at the finals –but not get along with others; and this will hinder their chance to win. This opportunity offers more than a pageant title. The winners become ambassadors who foster goodwill and help those less fortunate. Retrospectively, we also look at contributions each contestant has offered in their home community. Humanitarianism is a strong indicator of good character.”

TeKay Designs, a sponsor and official fashion designer of the pageant, launched a pageant dress line titled the “Crown Collection” during the fashion show segment of the contest. The winners of the Miss and Ms. United Nations 2014 wore couture TeKay gowns. TeKay also offered gift certificates worth a total value of $5000 USD amongst three winners. “We retail at Shades of Africa boutique in Kingston, Jamaica, and were looking for opportunities to launch the new pageant collection in the Caribbean. This pageant was appropriate for launching the gown collection because this event embraces multiculturalism, tourism and community service. TeKay Designs creates ethnic fashions for people who want to express cultural chic. It’s beautiful that the pageant encouraged contestants to wear ethnic attire. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals of diverse cultures from around the world and form lasting relationships.” states Creative Director, Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs.

Precious Chikwendu from Nigeria won the “Miss United Nations 2014” title. During the ceremony Precious announced, “My mission is to out-reach to people who want yet can not afford quality education, but can use their talents to make a difference in the world. I plan to work with schools that are involved in environmental rehabilitation. I plan to help the younger students gain additional vocational skills to enhance creativity. I wish to setup vocational centers with curriculum for tailoring schools and food catering centers where students may acquire skills for the future. The United Nations Pageant was a humbling experience and I’m pleased for the friends that I’ve made. Each day was full of activities. We got up every morning around 5 am for fitness and exercise. Our activities were non stop until the evening. This was my first visit to Jamaica and I’m glad that we volunteered to work at Dunrobin Primary School to clean and paint the school facility.”

The United Nations Pageant brings together representatives from a wide range of cultures from across the globe. The pageant’s principal objective is to identify and showcase the best tourism, and goodwill ambassadors. Those who have the skills, talents and character best suited will promote their respective countries in furtherance of tourism, goodwill and cultural expression.

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