The Artists’ Coalition of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) congratulates the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic delegation on its historic accomplishments in London for the Olympics 2012. On behalf of the Creative and Cultural sector of our nation we especially extend our appreciation to: Keshorn Walcott for his gold medal in the javelin throw; Lalonde Gordon for bronze in the men’s 400m; our 4 x 100m team for their bronze medal run; and our men’s 4 x 400m team for their bronze medal run at London Olympics 2012.

We also extend that appreciation to all our Olympic team managers, members, and coaches for their dedication, brilliant performances and representation of us in this historic Olympics for the Caribbean region… Congratulations and thank you!

The success of our young athletes on the world’s greatest sporting stage is once again evidence of a fact that ACTT and many others have continued to tell our politicians and private sector leaders- that if we connect our genius-level local talent with committed resources and global enablers (management, expos) we can make them global talents. We can conquer the world. Thank you again for our sportsmen for again reminding us all of this truth!

ACTT, on behalf of all local artists, will now like to take this occasion to implore government to implement the initiatives promised in the last two Budgets so that we can liberate our Elder and young artists to become dominant global forces- like Keshorn Walcott, Nicki Minaj, and Heather Headley. There can be no greater gift to the nation on our 50th anniversary of Independence than to implement the systems necessary to empower our citizens to become their best selves.

Once again ACTT and the artists of T&T congratulate and thank our most successful Olympic team ever, and we join with the nation in wishing them a safe return and much more success in their lives! And may God bless our Nation.

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