Reggae artist Jah9’s new single “Feel Good” is out today. The song premiered on YouTube and Soundcloud in November and is now available for streaming and download everywhere.

The song which states “Things that make your body feel good” in the melodic hook puts an emphasis on the notion of self-love and self-care. “We must examine the things we put into our bodies and minds and ensure that they add value and do not take away our strength and peace,” said Jah9 on the meaning of the lyrics.

“In a time when people feel so disempowered by the realities they face and perspectives they hold… I find it medicinal and cathartic to focus inward,” continues Jah9. “Breathe deep. Nourish yourself. Stretch your muscles. Rejuvenate your mind. Stay hydrated… seemingly simple things can make all the difference in the quality of your day to day. The revolution must happen within first.”

Last week she dropped the video for the Hardcore Remix featuring Chronixx.

Jah9 will also be the cover of the new Dub Rockers Playlist which will be live today. Check here to see which of these was voted as the best!

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