Hip-Hop Duo Nebula868 Unleashes New Album, DaBiznis, on May 28, 2013

New York, NY – Trinidadian hip-hop duo Nebula868 unleashes their unique take on the genre to the masses with their new album DaBiznis, set for a worldwide release on May 28, 2013 from Precision Digital. Nebula868 was birthed in 2006 and comprises of two members, Sean “Sean Nebula” Padmore and Clayton “Wong Nebula” Wong, both born and raised on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. DaBiznis is the first 100% hip-hop studio effort from the group, who first made a name for themselves as the hometown hip-hop favorites. Now with this provocative, compelling collection of hits, they undertake the ambitious goal of seeking fame and acclaim in the U.S. hip-hop industry and globally.

Boasting nine (9) statement tracks, DaBiznis covers the spectrum with rap, R&B and hip-hop and pays tribute to the diversity that is Nebula868. “Because we are a multi-cultured society, we show our diversity through our music and artistry, and being Caribbean just adds edge to our craft,” reveals Wong. They also collaborate with Caribbean-born Planet6 AKA Rock City (who has achieved great success in the American music industry as songwriters), Crystal Tais (an upcoming rapper/singer/songwriter), and Marcel (a member of their AlieNation team).

From the lead single “Peep Show” – a sizzling hard-core rap ode to the ladies, to “Big Stone” – a more melodic offering that incorporates soca and dancehall patois chatting (rapping) that highlights their Caribbean heritage, to “AlieNation” – a fusion of modern electronic with classic hip-hop, and “Do My Thing” – a bonafide rap anthem, DaBiznis is bound to be everyone’s business when it drops globally.
“Flying the flags of the Caribbean on a international level has always been the dream since we started and everyday we come closer to achieving that dream,” states Nebula868. “The mission of this album is to infiltrate the U.S. market, build relationships and develop connections. We feel confident about the content of the material on this album. It was definitely a learning experience and we’re excited for our next project.”

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