Guptie and Dyce Remake “Shine Eye Gal”

The hit single “shine eye gal” which was originally done by Black Uhuru in the late seventies, has once again been remixed.

Jamaican rapper, Dyce, along side roots reggae singer, Guptie have put their unique twist on what is a classic reggae hit. The two have injected a little hip-hop while maintaining the authentic sounds that made the song popular centuries ago.

Several Jamaican artists have already enjoyed success from the single, each doing the song in their own way with the hook always consistent. Dyce explains that it was Guptie who decided to do the track and he was asked to do the rap verses as the producer was looking for a different sound. The two got together in June of last year and laid down the vocals at Strika Lee Studio which is located in Duhaney Park, Kingston, Jamaica.

Though the men have individual careers (Dyce focusing mainly on hip-hop, and Guptie on reggae) the two have a very good working relationship and plans to collaborating on additional tracks in the future.

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