Capsicum CEO, A&R Chief Meltzer Nominated For JMG Excellence in Record Production Award

Capsicum Records LLC CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer has been nominated for a JMG Excellence In Record Production award, according to JMG Executive Director and noted talent manager, TV and radio journalist, Poppa T Thompson who is charge of the Connecticut event launching JMG’s upcoming Award Tour. The tour debuts at the Waterville Café in Waterbury, CT at 7:00 P.M. Sunday
May 26th.

“It’s always nice when people in our industry recognize our efforts,” said Meltzer, founder of the Hartford-based indie; “but I feel compelled to set the record straight here and give credit where it’s long overdue.

“People see my face and hear me all the time in radio and print interviews,
and see me at the stations bringing our CDs to the attention of the DJs who are the ones who enable the public to hear our unique Reggae-In-Fusion sound. But there wouldn’t be any product for airplay in my hands if it weren’t for the efforts of the people who surround me day in and day out.

I’ve just been bright enough to pick great guys to do this work with whose passion and commitment to excellence matches my own and who share my vision that reggae in fusion with other genres is the pop sound of the future. If you need any further proof of that, hear what Kemar ‘Flava” McGregor just released in a duet with Canadian pop star Jesse Giddings and Jamaican dancehall duchess Tiana.

Jesse Giddings Back to Me Official Video Feat. Tiana:

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