Hard Fi Deal Wid" Black Eyed Peas of Dancehall?

Hard Fi Deal Wid comprises of family and friends, originally the idea of this group came about in the 1990’s with different members, but the only two from the original group are Korozoni and Dubjay13. Mia Stoosh was pursuing a solo career and BumpyJ was focused on rapping and producing with another group. They decided to combine their diverse sound and take the world by storm in the winter of 2011. Since then they have recorded co-written and co-produced multiple tracks with their own unique sound. Coming From New York is the first release with many more to follow.
Based in Brooklyn, NY, the group members were all born in Jamaica except for BumpyJ who was born in Colorado and migrated to Brooklyn around 4 yrs old. Mia Stoosh was born in Rockfort, Kgn JA / Brasco and Korozoni are from Portmore, St. Catherine / Dubjay13 is from Linstead, St.Catherine.
Although they are a group, each member has had careers as solo artists, but it is their similarity that has brought them together, they still enjoy solo projects, group manager Brasco states “We’re the Black Eyed Peas of Dancehall.. Our own writting, producing, recording, mixing and mastering…”

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