Gramps Morgan gift to his fans from upcoming album

The anticipation for Gramps Morgan upcoming album has been on a all time high for his fans worldwide. As a teaser and a gift, Gramps gives them “DREAM”. The single is available for download on both your mobile device and PC.

The album slated for release on itunes April 24th is available for preorder, Reggae Music Lives comprises of 13 tracks:
1 Reggae Music Lives 2 Want Fi Charge Mi (feat. India Arie)
3 Life Too Short
4 I Hear You Calling
5 The Life We Chose 6 Find Myself Thinking Of
7 I Really Appreciate You
8 Coulda DJ (Dem Neva Know)
9 The Almighty
10 Dream
11 Darling Its You
12 I Know Its Love
13 Part Time Soldiers

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