Glenroy Jackson, professionally known as Frosty is another Jamaican producer/musician who is out right fed up with what is going on in the industry.

Frosty and his then business partner Ainsworth are the productive force behind one of Sizzla’s latest album, “don’t mislead the youths”. It was officially released in April of this year but Frosty is now claiming they were ripped off by New York based distributor, Lock Smith Records. He states that in November 2011 they entered into a three years distribution deal with Mr. Mark Wilkins who is the CEO and owner of Lock Smith. The arrangement was that Lock Smith Records would be responsible for the distribution and promotion and the two entities would split credits and profits. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilkins released the album claiming full rights to the project and making no mention of Lyon House Muzik (which is the name of Frosty’s label)

In addition to that, Frosty is now learning that his former business partner Ainsworth, have been exploiting his productions without his knowledge. Specifically, Ainsworth released songs, made commercial deals and sold rhythms created by Frosty without first consulting with him.

Frustrated with all that is happening Frosty was bent on stepping away from music. He spoke with several persons who suggested that he seek legal counsel. Without hesitation, he hired a lawyer who is currently investigating both Mark Wilkins and Ainsworth and intends to pursue both men to the full extent of the law.

Frosty then contacted Maria Jackson Entertainment, a reputable production, promotion and distribution company based in Kingston Jamaica, to assist him with getting his music out to the masses. MJE immediately released the “fros dem riddim” which features Sizzla, Karamanti, Chaos and Yahblekin (Frosty’s personal artist). The recording, mixing and mastering on the Yahblekin track is noticeably subpar but Frosty points out that this was done intentionally by Ainsworth. He chose to release the song as is as he believes this proves that Ainsworth was trying to sabotage him.

Glenroy “Frosty” Jackson is making himself available to any media house that would like more information about the aforementioned stories. Persons wanting to interview Frosty should send an email to

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