3 Canal Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Two Sizzling Singles, “Carnival Comin'” and “Grimeee”

The year 2014 is a significant milestone for Trinidadian super trio 3 Canal, as they mark their 20th Anniversary in music. And to celebrate in style, they have teamed up with 1st Klase Records for two sizzling singles, “Carnival Comin’” and “Grimeee,” both available on February 11, 2014 from FOX FUSE.

Hailing from the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, 3 Canal define a style of music called rapso—conscious music that is more of a philosophy and stance than an identifiable musical signature. It has been termed “The Power of the Word in the Rhythm of the Word,” “The Poetry of Calypso” and “The Consciousness of Soca.”

They began their musical journey in 1997, and have toured the world for two decades now, spreading their special brand of Caribbean music to audiences far and wide. A significant part of their work involves working with young people and using the carnival arts as a means of expression and empowerment.

Working with Trinidadian hit-house 1st Klase Records arms 3 Canal with two new classics to take on this Carnival season, with “Carnival Comin’” as the perfect road march anthem and “Grimeee” as the quintessential Jouvert soundtrack. 20 years and counting, the hits are still coming as long as 3 Canal is in the game.

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