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Vincy Born Entertainer Looks To Carnival Mecca For Greatest Example- Promises To Observe & Network in 2014

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – St. Vincent is rumbling with the energy of artistes who are ready to show the world just how impressive their individual style of sweet soca music, truly is. Son of the soil, Cameron is one of these artistes and as the mecca of all carnivals, Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival, comes more and more into focus, the artiste who now resides permanently in the United States, says he wants the people of the Caribbean to know him and gradually become familiar with his music.

Unlike other new kids on the block who’re eager to get into fetes in T&T this season, Cameron understands that he must pay his dues so with no qualms about that, he says he plans on visiting Trinidad in February where all effort will be placed on networking and attending the events that he knows he’ll one day be part and parcel of, as an entertainer.

In 2009, the artiste who credits his mother for her constant motivation, made it official when he released his very first single, “Don’t be Afraid.” The single was produced by Trinidadian producer, The Madarchitect and was a success, according to Cameron. One year later, Cameron released a single he called, “Against The Wall” which also got the attention of DJs and music lovers, giving the artiste added momentum and encouragement in his budding music career.

Since that time, Cameron has released several other tracks, experimenting along the way by fusing soca with techno and pop music in a bid to explore a new sound of sorts. As he explained it, he felt it was important to offer other cultures outside of the Caribbean culture, an opportunity to understand the Soca music that he so loves by fusing it with genres that are already staples of the global music industry.

Last year, Cameron teamed up with Adrian Bailey- the producer of Kevin Little’s smash single, “Turn Me On”. Together they created a track called ‘Encore’ and managed to turn some heads. Subsequent to that, another single called, “Eclipse” raked in some 52,000 plus views on YouTube, assuring the eager entertainer that he was in fact doing something right. Currently, a single called “Body On Body” has Cameron very excited. He says it’s his most recent release and one that is already creating a stir in places such as New York,England,Canada,Africa,Aruba and Anguilla.

With the prospects of further growth on his mind, Cameron says he is ready to conquer new territory and is bent on eventually becoming a household name in T&T- the mecca of Carnival. He is however looking toward earning the respect of music lovers, promising that every release will be a quality release, deserving of their attention.

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