Macka Diamond Rich Kid Raps up North American East Coast Tour

For Macka Diamond and Rich Kid it was a thrilling |East Coast promotional tour, hitting up a slew of mainstream media on the America’s East Coast Provinces and States, Kris-crossing from Toronto through to Quebec city, Boston and down into Philly!
An unprecedented move within the genre of reggae/dancehall only seen by the majors promoting
a single “What Must I Do” before it’s released.

When asked by Sandi C.G.R A&R Publicist: “Why the unusual moves?”
Rich Kid candidly answers; “hypothetically speaking it’s not unusual, most of us as reggae artistes, whenever we write a song we generally perform it publicly before record it, once the song have great potential.”
Macka Diamond elaborates; “Promotion is the key to a hit tune, for us to be out there blazing the trail, touching base with people in the mainstream is a avenue for our material to reach the greater masses”.

DJ’s/Disc Jocks & Music Fraternity Members; The single released of the duet Rich Kid & Macka Diamond “What Must I Do” on the Controversy rhythm is broadcasting at 320kbps with eighteen tracks completing the “Controversy Rhythm Driven Album”.

With the likes of; Black-er, Dj Liquid, Donna Makeda ft. King Ujah, Element, Fancy Face, Johnny Profit, Karamanti, Kip Rich ft. Don Narro, Mr. Charge, Mr. Lexus, Newton Walker, Rapper Set, Shacka Pow, Shelly J, Terro, Thugsy Malone and Wasp.

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