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Roots Reggae Singer Natural Fyah “Troddin On”

Kingston, Jamaica

Roots Reggae Singer Natural Fyah “Troddin On”

A fiery young empress has burst onto the Reggae scene! With a longing to sing from a young age, Natural Fyah began a journey into the art of music & expression. Through radio, she was exposed to many different kinds of music and took a liking to a variety of them. During her teens, she attended an arts school where the music curriculum was focused on a range of genres from classical to jazz as well as performance and singing techniques. The program offered invaluable opportunities for performance, which included mandatory participation at festivals such as the Ontario Vocal Festival (OVF) and the Ontario Vocal Jazz Festival (OVJF).

As the years progressed, Natural Fyah got exposed to roots Reggae music. She immediately appreciated everything the genre represented and had to offer. Around that time she also began to learn more about herself and her African story. After beginning this inward transformation, slowly but surely, Natural Fyah began her trod with Rastafari.

As a Rasta, Natural Fyah’s ambition is to now use her talent to produce culture reggae music that speaks to the continued issues that are faced, in particular by the black community. Her messages about unity, peace, education and love are for the upliftment of those who don’t have an outlet to speak through, and also her way to show her perspective on a variety of subject areas. Natural Fyah’s goal is to leave a positive imprint on reggae music through her art form for the betterment of the people.

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