Borokeete USA presents “Caribbean Uniqueness” for their 2012 Labor Day Carnival Band Launch on Friday, June 8th, 2012

Brooklyn, NY – Borokeete International Carnival Band is all set and ready to feature “Caribbean Uniqueness” for Labor Day 2012. Caribbean Uniqueness is all about “One Nation, One People, One Voice.” Borokeete is inviting all revelers to attend the grand launch, get registered and come and experience the uniqueness of the proud Caribbean people and their amazing culture. The management of Borokeete International Inc. is confident that revelers will enjoy themselves in a kaleidoscope of colors, music, dance and all other elements that display Caribbean uniqueness. The grand band launching, featuring 12 sections including Tropicalfete with Tropicalfete Volcancity, will take place on Friday, June 08, 2012 at Tropical Paradise Ballroom, 1367 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11203. DJs for the night are Hyper Active Sounds, Close Connections, and Freeze International. The event will be hosted by Giselle D Wassi One and Supa Roy.

President of Borokeete, Anthony Pollydore, is very pleased with the preparation of section leaders and staff, ensuring that the experience of Borokeete USA’s 2012 masqueraders will be nothing short of spectacular. According to Mr. Pollydore, “Borokeete has always been one of the staple carnival bands at the West Indian Carnival Day Parade and we will continue to be there. We have injected new life into the organization with the [recruitment] of young and talented designers as well as the strengthening of our management structure. In addition, we will have some of our veteran designers around to mentor the young designers.”

Borokeete is making a strong effort to bring back community and family togetherness with additional events expected this carnival season. In addition the public can look forward to Borokeete’s Friday-night lime dubbed “Come Squeeze Me” and our annual Fathers’ Day barbeque. The mas camp is located at 368 East 98th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11203. The community is invited to come network and socialize with each other.

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