Ravi B and Isasha release new love song

The worlds of Chutney-Soca and Reggae have come together for what is being described as a major mid-year groovy ballad. Karma’s Ravi B and T&T Reggae crooner Isasha have combined musical styles for the new track entitled “Jab Jab Bahar Aaye”.

This latest Caribbean collaboration is produced by top Trinidadian producer Big Rich of the ‘The Punkalunks Factory’ who in recent years has been responsible for some of the biggest hits in the Chutney and Soca genres. The song unites Ravi B’s sweet, sensual Hindi lyrics with Isasha’s raw, unmistakable vocals, set to the tempo of a groovy Chutney-Soca riddim for a truly melodious and danceable number.

Although it has only been recently released, music fans and industry insiders have been giving the new tune positive reviews and have already branded it as a modern day wedding anthem. Upon listening to the single, a well known entertainment blogger defined Jab Jab Bahar Aaye as ‘a festive Caribbean party atmosphere meeting a passionate wedding setting’ due to its romantic overtones matched with its infectious percussive beats.

Isasha whose real name is Brendon Young is recognized as one of T&T’s premier Reggae balladeers and in 2012 he proved his ability on the Soca stage with his Carnival 2012 track ‘Wining Symptoms”. On Jab Jab Bahar Aaye he impressively complements Ravi’s smooth Hindi vocals with his rootsy Ragga technique.

This new musical offering, however, does not mark the first occasion that the Chutney and Reggae worlds have combined as Ravi B’s sister and Karma band mate Nisha B has previously teamed up with Jamaican superstars Beenie Man and Busy Signal creating the Dancehall-Chutney sub-genre.

Ravi shared that not only does this collaboration between himself and Isasha represent unity and creative comradry amongst Caribbean artistes but it also showcases the limitless possibilities for the Chutney-Soca art form as it gains momentum en route to achieving further global appeal.

Since Trinidad’s 2012 Carnival Ravi and Karma have been touring almost every weekend in the US, Canada and Guyana. He noted that the band’s next carded performance in Trinidad will be on May 29th for the country’s Indian Arrival Day celebrations after it returns from overseas appearances at events such as the Gemini Production’s Annual Mother’s Day Concert in Miami, the 10/10 cricket finals in Guyana and Orlando’s Carnival.

Most notably, Ravi B will also open for Bollywood superstar Sonu Nigam at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port of Spain on June 2nd and he will host The Annual Father’s Day Spectacular on June 16th alongside Karma at the Centre of Excellence.

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