Bay-C completes first successful Holy Temple Album Tour

Roshaun ‘Bay-C’ Clarke can officially call his first Holy Temple Album tour a resounding success.

The artist who just a few weeks ago released his first full length 10 track visual album, called Holy Temple, has just completed a 3 week promotional tour in Italy to introduce the project to his international fans.

Bay-C has performed in Italian cities Lequile, Rome and, Foggia and even got the opportunity to perform in Malta for the first time over the weekend.

 “I’m very pleased at how receptive the Italian Fans have been to my new material. I still perform some of my more popular singles like Bubble & WineStraight Outta Portmore and Eye For An Eye but with the new tracks the fans have already started to sing along with the material” Bay-C explained

Bay-C although new to the solo career tour experience has received chart topping material since he started recording independently from super group T.O.K in 2016. Rude Gyal Swing with African Pop artiste Treesha, is one such track that topped the MTV German charts in 2016

The first single ‘Run From Poverty’ from the Holy Temple album has been receiving good reports as well worldwide, especially with the release of the official music video a few days ago. The Holy Temple Album tour is set to come to Jamaica with a Christmas performance by Bay-C in Holywell, Blue Mountains on December 16th.

“As we continue to bring the music to the people we looking for the growth of the Bay-C fan base. By the end of the tour all of the European reggae fans should be rocking the Holy Temple album,” Bay-C surmised.

For those not able to see Bay-C perform the project live he encourages them to check out the project online.

I’m hoping that Bay-C supporters will go online and download or stream the album. It’s definitely a fresh and unique project and fans will hear Bay-C in a way they’ve never heard him before.” Bay-C added

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