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Author Tilsa Wright Q & A Interview with Tropicalfete's Keran Deterville

Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: When did you start writing?

Author Tilsa Wright: Back in 2007, I later self-published my first book ‘Related Affairs’ in 2010.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: Describe your body of work?

Author Tilsa Wright:Very edgy and risky.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: What inspired the “Star Boy” series?

Author Tilsa Wright:Love and Happiness, a group conversation about our first high school love. The challenges to capture a man’s heart and what does it take for them to be completely faithful.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: What did writing these books teach you about yourself?

Author Tilsa Wright: That tapping into the world of Cricket is challenging. As most Cricketers are very private with love and romance.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: What has public reaction been thus far? So far many laugh and truly said it brought back memories.

Author Tilsa Wright: What’s the best part of being an accomplished author? I would not consider myself an accomplished writer. I am more someone who had a dream and fulfilled it. Accomplished should not be used loosely, as I am yet to be internationally recognized like the author of Fifty Shades of Grey.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: Did you have a particular audience in mind when you wrote series?

Author Tilsa Wright: Mostly Caribbean and Cricket fans.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: What’s the best thing about writing and creating new characters?

Author Tilsa Wright: As an author you are very proud to call it your own. Your voice, your dialogue and feelings are being read by many.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: Where can one purchase your books?

Author Tilsa Wright: Amazon and Kindle.



Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: Do you do appearances?

Author Tilsa Wright: I am yet to do one, however in the coming months I should be.


Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville: What are some of the projects you’re currently working on?

Author Tilsa Wright: Well I am in the process of revising Star Boy, producing a 10 minute marketing animation to promote the book. And this past November began filming Screw You Knot webseries; which will be on youtube.

Some of Tilsa Work

starboy final promotional artwork



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