9TYZ Aims To Take Industry By Storm

A force to be reckoned with, recording artiste 9TYZ has unleashed a few scorching tracks just in time for summer that would have any music lover hooked. All June 2018 releases, the tracks Mr. Hot Bwoy, Slow Whine and Happy Time were produced by YGF Records.

Slow Wine is a seductive track, with smooth lyrics flowing over an equally smooth beat, structured around sexual episodes. Happy Time is a more up tempo track about living it up with friends and having fun, perfect for summer listening. Finally, based on a close friend’s personal experience, Mr. Hot Bwoy highlights the plight of a guy whose insecurities got the best of him. Already gaining traction and positive reviews online, plans are currently in the works for accompanying music videos for each track.

Born Natisha Scott, the artiste has set her sights on becoming a house hold name by flexing her ability as a performer and by releasing music with a bold new approach.

“I have no intention of being ordinary, I am a performer! With that said, that is the energy and drive that I brought to these songs, she expressed”

Her style of music is eclectic, with a fusion of soca, r&b and dancehall sounds.

“I don’t have a specific preference for one genre of music but of course, dancehall revolves around us in our culture so we tend to use it mostly,” she explained.

Expect more music from 9TYZ soon, as she is currently working on her EP, as well as several collaborations.

While her musical journey is still fresh, the artiste is already building a solid foundation in the music industry and is looking forward to what’s to come. “My journey has been good thus far. I’ve learned a lot about music in this very short space of time, as well as gaining a lot of exposure and support,” she said.

Slow Whine, Hot Bwoy and Happy Time are available for streaming and purchase on major digital platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Deezer.

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