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9th Annual Soca Awards

New York, NY (Thursday 20th October 2011) – The official release of the Honorees & Nominees for iSA 9.

On Wednesday 19th October 2011 at Trotters, the SAO Soca Awards Ltd. launched the 9th Annual International Soca Awards (iSA) and released the Honorees & Nominees for 2011.

The day finally came Wednesday 19th October 2011 marks the official media launch of the 9th Annual International Soca Awards (iSA), which was held at Trotters, and it was a very exciting time for the Soca Awards family. Just five (5) short weeks before the red carpet comes alive with you, the media, family, friends and our favorite soca stars from around the world.

On Saturday 26th November 2011, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in the Lord Kitchener’s Auditorium, the Soca Awards Organization (SAO) will once again say thank you to artists for their immense contribution to the soca artform and to the pioneers in the business. NAPA will come alive with the sweet sounds of the soca music that we all love. Soca is an artform that has not yet received its due recognition on an international level and for the past nine years, SAO’s main focus is to do just that, SAO’s main goal is Taking Soca to Higher Heights. There are some of the most talented individuals who lend their crafts to the soca genre and that dedication and talent should never go unnoticed; that dedication and talent keeps us swaying in our vehicles, on the streets behind the trucks, in our homes, those rhymthic sounds have been known to convey messages that not only touch our waists, but our souls as well.

The official website for the 9th iSA is www.socaawards.com where the general public has the opportunity to cast their votes for the artiste of their choice in the twenty-seven (27) categories and view background information on the six (6) honoree awards. Voting is based on recordings between the time period of June 1st, 2010 and May 31st, 2011; voting will officially begin Tuesday, 1st November 2011 through Thursday, 24th November 2011. All ticket information for entry into the 9th iSA will also be posted on the site.

SAO has taken the International Soca Awards to New York City, St. Kitts and to the mecca of soca, Trinidad & Tobago. In 2012 the 10th anniversary of the International Soca Awards will be held at the historical Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, USA; the Shrine Auditorium has been the long time host to the Emmy Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Academy Awards, Latin Grammy’s and now, the International Soca Awards. This is our culture and only we can ensure that the Machel’s and the Kes’ of this world receive their accolades on the level they deserve.


SAO President’s Award, the Colin Jackman’s Award
Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters

SAO Life Time Achievement Award
Errol Ince

SAO Hall Of Fame Award
Austin “Super Blue” Lyons

SAO Legend Award
Anthony ‘All Rounder’ Hendrickson,
Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter

SAO Trustees Award
Charlie’s Roots, Chandelier, Sound Revolution, Fire Flight,
Blue Ventures, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

SAO Technical Award
Frank Martineau, Cliff Harris, Roy Maraj, Randy Glasgow



Best New Female Soca Artiste

ï Fire Empress – No Money No Wuk
ï Frenchy – Close Your Eyes
ï Megan Walrond – Posse
ï Celeste David – Like So Like So
ï K.O. Chicks – I’ve Got It

Best New Male Soca Artiste

ï Jahmoun Mendoza – Digital Bumper
ï Maddzart – King Road
ï Yankey Boy – Head Nice
ï Gregory Ayuen – Outta Control
ï Nebula868 – Confidence
ï Orlanddo Octave – Pume It Up

Soca Duo or Group of the Year

ï JW & Blaze – And Iz Dat
ï 3 Canal – Run Di Riddem
ï 3 Suns – Ready
ï Luni Sparks & Electrify – Got Energy
ï Zuki & Tim Tim – Do Wah Yuh Want

Soca Song Writer of the Year
ï Skinny Fabulous
ï Faye-Ann Lyons
ï Kerwin Du Bois
ï Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop
ï Kernal Roberts

Best Soca Collaboration of the Year

ï Destra & Super Jigga TC – Feel To Wine
ï Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois – Ah Ting
ï Yankey Boy & Patch – Head Nice
ï Tall Pree ft. Nadia Batson – Lighters
ï Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano – Charge Up

International Soca DJ of the year
ï Dr. Jay
ï DJ Stephen
ï Soca Twins
ï DJ Spice
ï Little Bee

Soca Artist Album/CD of the year

ï Nadia Batson – Miss ‘B’
ï kes The Band – Wotless
ï Machel Montano – The Returned
ï Benji – Ah Iz Ah Trini

Best Soca Compilation Album/CD of the Year

ï Soca Box 2011
ï Best of the Best – Soca & Grooves 11
ï Soca Gold 2011
ï Soca Dons & Divas

Best Soca Compilation Rhythm
ï Flag Shipo Riddim –
ï Electro Lights Riddim –
ï Condem Riddim –
ï Radical Riddim –
ï Honey Riddim –
ï Swahili Riddim –

Best Groove Soca – Female

ï Destra – Cool It Down
ï Patrice Roberts – Give Him (Bam Bam)
ï Denise Belfon – Dance & Dingolay
ï Faye-Ann Lyons – Pressure
ï Alison Hinds – Soca Queen

Best Groove Soca – Male

ï Blaxx – Carnival Jumbie
ï Machel Montano – Bend Over
ï Cassi – Town Ting
ï Benji – Trini
ï Kes – Wotles
ï Lil’ Rick – Go Dung

Best up Tempo Soca – Female

ï Faye-Ann Lyons – Consider It Done
ï Destra Garcia – Welcome Back
ï Nadia Batson – My Time
ï Patrice Roberts – Wave It Away
ï Michelle Xavier – Fettin For Days

Best up Tempo Soca – Male

ï Iwer George – Come To Meh
ï Busy Signal – Get Outta My Way
ï Machel Montano – Advantage
ï Maddzart – King Road
ï Otis – Tornado

Soca Song of the Year

ï Kes – Wotless
ï Destra – Cool It Down
ï Benji – Trini
ï Machel Montano – Advantage
ï Otis – Tornado
ï Cassi – Town Ting

Favorite Soca Info Website
ï triniscene.com
ï smallislandmassive.com
ï islandmix.com
ï toronto-lime.com
ï trinijunglejuice.com

Over All Soca Band of the Year

ï Roy Cape All Stars
ï Machel Montano HD
ï Kes The Band
ï Krosfyah
ï Red Hot flames

Soca Producer of the Year

ï De Red Boyz – (Cool It Down, Flirt, Look Fuh Meh)
ï Penn & Ace – (Get Outta My Way, Consider It Done, Me Alone)
ï Kernal Roberts – (Advantage, Sweetness, Wine To The Side)
ï Mr. Roots – (Tornado, Give Him (Bam Bam), Hard Wuk)
ï Kerwin Du Bois – (Ah Ting, Wotless, Illegal)

Best Soca Music Video
ï Kes – Wotles – (Walt Lovelace / Kes Dieffenthaller)
ï Machel Montano HD – Advantage – (Leroy ‘Gotti’ Thomas. MM. HD)
ï Farmer Nappy – Flirt – (Katrina Chandler)
ï Chucky – My Bad Thing – (Kern Rose)
ï Shal Marshal & Super Jigga TC – Whole Day / Speaker Box – (Peter C. Lewis)

Best Soca Chutney Music Video

ï Rikki Jai – White Oak & Water – (Ravin Ramkisson)
ï KI – No More Rum Again – (Kern Rose)
ï S.W Storm – By De Bar – (H2H Production)
ï Soca Elvis – Why You Leave Me Darlin’ – (Trinwood Flms)
ï Ravi B ft. Skinny Fabolous – Cya Come Remix – (Rayeed Mohammed)

Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year

ï Dil E Nadan
ï Mellobugz
ï Gayatones
ï Karma
ï JMC 3Veni

Soca Chutney Song of the Year

ï White Oak & Water – Rikki Jai
ï Cya Come – Ravi B
ï Ah Shoulda Never – Rick Ramoutar
ï Tanty Man – Hunter
ï No More Rum Again – KI

Favorite Soca Online Radio
ï flagzradio.com
ï socafm.co.uk
ï thefrontlineradio.com
ï largeradio.com

Best DJ/Radio Host Soca Artist (DJís/Radio Host that sings)

ï Lil’ Rick – Go Dung
ï JW & Blaze – And Iz Dat
ï Jahmoun Mendoza – Digital Bumper
ï Super Jigga TC – Speaker Boxx
ï Shal Marshal – Whole Day

Best Soca Pan Song (TNT Special)

ï Edwin Pouchet (Composer) & Alvin Daniel (Lyrics) – It’s Showtime
ï Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe (Composer) & Gregory Ballantyne (Lyrics) – Do Something For Pan
ï Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore & Mark Loquan (Composer) & Destra Garcia (Lyrics) – Calling Meh
ï Winston Scarborough (Composer & Lyrics) – A Raging Storm
ï Arddin Hurbert (Composer) & Roland ‘Rembuncction’ Yearwood (Lyrics) – Doh Be On Dat

Best Soca Radio DJ of the Year (TNT Special)
ï Dr Ross – Vibe CT 105 FM
ï Wax – Vibe CT 105 FM
ï Marlon Mr Music – Soca 919 FM
ï Sean Bowen – Sweet 100.1 FM
ï Universal Yung Gunz Sound/ KG – Wack Radio

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