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Shebada and Delcita Hit the U.S.

New York, New York — October 2011 — For the first time ever, top Jamaican theater actors Shebada and Delcita are hitting the U.S. hard with a “Double Dose” of comedic entertainment Thanksgiving weekend together — offering patrons two explosive plays for one price, also known as “2 for 1.” Theatergoers in the Tri-state area should brace themselves for an infectious weekend of Jamaican comedy as promoters Irish and Chin offer more bang for the buck with stagings of: “Ova Mi Dead Body” and “The Plumber” in Brooklyn, New York at Tilden High School on Friday, November 25; “Double Dose” (w/Shebada) and “The Plumber” (w/Delcita) in Hartford, Connecticut at Weaver High School on Saturday, November 26 and; “Double Dose” (Shebada) and “Ova Mi Dead Body” (w/Delcita) at Evander Childs High School in Bronx, New York on Sunday, November 27. Adding to the gut wrenching humor of Shebada and Delcita, will be all star casts, with favorites like Bad Boy Trevor and Jookie Jam — among others.

“This year was a very good year for our theater productions, says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. “Giving our patrons 2 shows for 1 price is our way of thanking them for their support.”

With “2 for 1” being the rave in Jamaica — sometimes attracting more than 8,000 patrons in one setting — there is no doubt that the U.S. debut of the concept will be a hit. Theatergoers will get to experience a full night of immense laughter, big fun and entertainment with “2 for 1” in Hartford and the Bronx for one discounted price. Each market will feature early warm and intense musical vibes by DJ Roy and 4 hours for the scheduled plays, including one intermission.

As Delcita and Shebada reign on Jamaica’s theater circuit, they are the ideal actors to headline the “2 for 1” stagings. Sharing the same stage for the first time ever in the U.S., Delcita and Shebada evoke infinite laughter for their quips and hilarious spin on life. When these daringly funny, witty and outlandish characters take over the Tri-state area, patrons will be doubled over in laughter from start to finish. While Shebada’s roles are peppery and argumentative — often depicting inner city life, Delcita’s roles tend to zoom in on life’s everyday challenges and expectations with strong messages in tow. Never-the-less, both characters boast hard-hitting punch lines — promising audiences quite a comedic ride.

Irish and Chin expanded their brand to encompass theater a few years ago, attracting thousands of patrons to their stagings. Known for selling out auditoriums, Irish and Chin’s ultimate goal has been to provide customers with first class Caribbean entertainment. The introduction of “2 for 1” in the U.S. with powerhouse stagings of top plays with leading actors further carries out Irish and Chin’s mission.

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