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#1 Caribbean Blogger Carla 'Babbzy' Babb Adds Author to List of Accolades!

#1 Caribbean Blogger Carla ‘Babbzy’ Babb Adds Author to List of Accolades!

Toronto, Canada

Carla ‘Babbzy’ Babb is a Canadian born to Bajan parents and is most popularly known for her #1 Caribbean blog website www.strictlybabbzy.com in which she shares news about artists, and the salacious goings on of public figures based in the Caribbean. As of July, Babbzy is also known in the world of skin care and beauty for being an author because of her book, The Black People’s Guide to Perfect + Blemish Free Skin.

Suffering from adult acne, Babbzy consulted with several dermatologists who were not able to treat black skin, which resulted in several disappointments, and not having the skin she so desired. Black heads, white heads, oil and more gave her motivation to seek remedies to cure her dermatological imbalance. Written at her home in Toronto, Babbzy condenses best skin practices, and best beauty products to use to achieve the result of flawless skin.

The 8 chapter book covers cleansing, toning, moisturizing, treatments for acne, treatments for acne scarring, must haves and well as do’s and don’ts. It also recognizes the effects of hormonal changes, stress and environment factors which can contribute to the change in chemistry in a person’s skin, and the price tag of $5,000 to $10,000 to treat those blemishes.

Being in front of the camera on a weekly basis and being seen by thousands of fans around the world, Babbzy knows how emotional it can be for people to comment on the health of her skin. Preparing for her book launch, Babbzy said “black people are not known to have ‘bad’ skin and we are not known to have adult acne. When we do get it, we cannot go to a regular dermatologist because he / she is not sensitive to our skins needs, and effective ways to treat our problems. We need treatment specific to our skin type, and this book gives that to people with those needs.”

While writing her book, Babbzy shared her ideas with Dr. Daniel from Israel who agreed that today’s dermatologists do not know how to treat African and Mediterranean skin. He noted that some people scar easily and is prone to keloids and because of that, treatment must be specific which her book addresses.

In pre-release, her book has enjoyed 400 plus downloads, and is ranked as #11 on the Kindle list for Beauty and Health. Retailing for $2.99 USD, experts agree that this book is worth every penny.

About Carla ‘Babb’ Babbzy:

Carla “Babbzy” Babb’s is a Canadian public figure whose website www.strictlybabbzy.com has become the most visited site by the Caribbean-Urban demographic averaging 2 million hits per month (500,000 per week). Visitors from around the world, namely the Caribbean, Canada the UK, Indonesia as well as a growing fan base from Africa namely Zambia and Ghana tune in for the most up to date news about the hottest topics, which includes background spin; Babbzy is the most trusted source for the raw truth.

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