Orisha Sound

Kingston, Jamaica – Exactly one year since 25 year old international reggae/dancehall artist Orisha Sound and producer Shel-K were held at the gunpoint in Half Way Tree area in Kingston Jamaica. The two were getting ready to shoot a music video for a song “Embrace it” – Orisha Sound feat Sizzla Kalonji. Shel-K received a gunshot in abdomen and went through 8-hour surgery in Kingston Public Hospital. Orisha Sound was advised to leave the island and postponed the video production. The situation united Orisha Sound team even more and increased determination to win in this highly competitive and hard game of show business. Despite of pain and pressure the decision was made to stick with the schedule and produce the video on time. She-K was in critical condition for 24 hours but recovered quickly. The video was shot two days later with the producer calling the shots from his hospital bed. Later on that year the song “Embrace It” went number one on multiple charts worldwide including CVM Hit List and Hype TV Top Ten in Jamaica. The song was released as a part of Orisha Sound 15-track album “Cupid” lone-side other big songs like Sunshine Lady and Beautiful Sin. “February is a great month – I was shot 7 days after my birthday. It’s a black history and reggae music month. Its like I was reborn a stronger man and I will keep on producing great music no matter what” – Said Shel-K.
Now – one year later, Orisha Sound has no regrets about the decision. Her new hit single World War Three feat the king of the dancehall Beenie Man is dominating radio airways in US, Canada, Europe and Caribbean. The streets gave Orisha Sound a nickname “boss lady” and supporting the song. Critics saying that this track has full Grammy and Billboard potential.

“We dont back off the situation – we step into it, deal with it and make the best out of it. Doesn’t matter how hard it gets. One person can achieve a lot but together as a team – sky is the limit. For me music is life”- Said Orisha Sound.

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