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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Champeon’s ‘Bringin’ the energy for Carnival 2K16

    Columbia, South Carolina (Sonique Solutions) – Amidst the onslaught of Groovy Soca songs being released for T&T’s Carnival 2016, Trinidadad-born, South Carolina-based Soca artiste Ronnel Ramirez known to his industry peers as Champeon has brought forward one of the first up-tempo offerings for the season with his new track “Bringin It”.

    ‘Bringin It’ is a different sound for Champeon who previously released songs such as ‘Red Devil’ and ‘2nite’. The inspiration for this departure was to strategically create a different sort of song that would be more marketable within the industry. According to him ‘Bringin It’ is an upbeat track created to make Soca fans not only dance but party hard. He shared, “I’m bringing the power, the energy and the perseverance to keep delivering music, so I am Bringin it”.

    The song was produced by Shawn ‘Da Mastamind’ Noel and written by fellow Soca artiste Kuttit and shows off Champeon’s development in the Soca realm, a growth which has been noticeable by both his fans and entertainment industry colleagues.

    The determined Champeon has made major strides in 2015 and has shared stages with several prominent Caribbean entertainers such as Soca Queen Alison Hinds, Reggae star Everton Blender as well as Carnival favourites Lyrikal, Giselle the Wassi One and Yankey Boy.

    Despite still working on establishing his presence in the T&T Soca scene, Champeon performs regularly in the southern U.S.A. Caribbean music circuit and has helped to spread the Soca/Caribbean culture to the southern part of the US especially North and South Carolina.

    Champeon has been a Soca ambassador throughout those stated at major events which include Charlotte’s Jerk Festival and the Carolina’s Caribbean Culture Festival and plans to expand his brand to other cities such as Raleigh, Greenville, Fayetteville and Greensboro.

    Champeon who doesn’t consider himself a crooner but rather describes his vocal delivery as hard-hitting and unique, sees his new track ‘Bringin It’ as the first step in his rebranding. He is applying his 2015 lessons for an improved 2016. He has also been studying the business models of successful artistes in various genres such as Rap mogul Rick Ross and Soca heavyweight Machel Montano who have utilized teamwork, marketing and strategy to elevate their brands.

    Even with his ambitions to become a household name in Soca, Champeon remains humble, patient and consistent in all his efforts to improve his craft and achieve his success.

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  • Romie Rome Shares His ‘Heart of Love Riddim’ (Music Inside)

    Trinidad and Tobago-based producer Romie Rome delivers rich reggae vibes on his new compilation Heart of Love Riddim, now available worldwide from all major digital retailers from FOX FUSE. An electrifying radio personality at Trinidad’s #1 urban radio station RED 96.7 FM, Jerome “Romie Rome” Antoine delved into producing in 2014 and has been crafting hits ever since. His latest production Heart of Love Riddim is the official riddim soundtrack for the 2015 edition of Hennessy Artistry’s Reggae on the Bay, an annual reggae concert tour held in Trinidad and Tobago. The album received a coveted feature on the iTunes U.S. Reggae New Music chart, during its week of release.

    Romie Rome is already known industry-wide for producing this year’s popular Jam Band Riddim, featuring the likes of soca stars Machel Montano and KES the Band. Always one to evolve his brand, Romie Rome says he cherished the opportunity to work on the Heart Of Love Riddim, after he was approached by Matthew Dasent, the man behind Hennessy Artistry’s Reggae on the Bay.

    “Matthew heard us play at an event and he came to me and said he wanted to do something to revive the local reggae industry,” reveals Romie Rome. “I like to go in different directions so the project appealed to me. I reached out to certain people like Orlando Octave, and when Cutty Ranks heard the track, he said he had to get on it.”

    Pulsating with six vibrant reggae gems, the Heart of Love Riddim features Trinidadian reggae and dancehall sensations King David with “Long Time Ago,” Ziggy Ranking featuring Tam Tam with “Just Ah Minute,” Sadiki with “Na Real,” and Orlando Octave alongside Jamaican dancehall icon Cutty Ranks with “Bun It,” along with the instrumental version.

    Beyond music, Romie Rome believes in giving back to the community. He is a member of the Team Rosa organization, a group of young professionals that includes fellow DJs and artists, who gather their resources to give back to those in need. With the Heart Of Love Riddim in hand and his heart in a good place, Romie Rome continues to make his mark in the international scene, to the delight of music fans everywhere.

    1. King David – Long Time Ago
    2. Orlando Octave – Bun It Featuring Cutty Ranks
    3. Orlando Octave – Bun It (Raw) Featuring Cutty Ranks
    4. Ziggy Ranking – Just Ah Minute Featuring Tam Tam
    5. Sadiki – Na Real
    6. Romie Rome – Heart Of Love Riddim (Instrumental)

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  • Son of Calypso Icon Rootsman teaches Time Management

    Being the son of late Calypso icon Rootsman is no easy task when contemplating your involvement in music. There are comparisons, expectations and pressures that have to be dealt those of which have never served as
    deterrents for Shawn ‘Mr. Spekks’ Thomas. His passion and love for music was a commonality that he shared with his father much to their enjoyment. Even with the passing of his father being a recent memory, Mr. Spekks
    continues to hold on to countless conversations that he shared with his father. One that remains embedded in his mind was his father echoing reminders “To write songs with substance that can live on for years.”

    Putting his father’s advice into practice has taken him quite a number of years. He is comfortable with his craft and is ready to make his contribution for Carnival 2016 with his groovy soca track titled “Time Management.” As the title suggests, the skillfully crafted track explains issues with time management and how he intends to deal with the issue for carnival. Prioritizing is the key and he shed light on this in his release. The downside however is that someone will be left unhappy, in this scenario it would be “boss man.” This Carnival he is managing his time and will enjoy every bit of partying and indulgence.

    Gifted with vocal versatility and songwriting capabilities, Mr. Spekks has made it easy for singing-along to “Time Management.” He is not encouraging delinquency but smart prioritizing for Carnival 2016. His intent is to assist all those with issues managing time to be able to clearly understand the processes involved. The catchy lyrics and melodies of the song have been brought to life by pulsating rhythms that were created by ace producer Anson Soverall.

    As a follow up to his 2015 release, Party Capital which was produced by Advokit, Mr. Spekks is certainly one to look at for the future.

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  • Getting the track ARROGANT for Carnival 2016!

    We know exactly what you say about us. And you know what? Yes we are.

    Especially when it involves creating major waves in Soca.

    But can you blame us? Given the history between Precision Productions and Kerwin Du Bois, we are betting instead that you will clique up, and help us turn the whole genre on its tail with this new release.

    Building on the rampant success and natural camaraderie between the two camps, Kerwin and the Precision team are crashing limitations and surging forward with a fresh sound, which is as remarkably different as it is intensely appealing.

    Even though initially in the song it seems as though the Groovy Soca Monarch is getting far too big for his britches, as you listen on, his craftily developed lyrics share a sentiment any Carnival lover can easily see eye to eye with.

    That connected feeling, elevated by the overwhelming emotion that floods our souls and pours out during this season to shape this festival into a radiant gem whose shine we eagerly crave.

    A sensation expertly echoed in the music production, which was a joint effort by Precision and Du Bois.

    Beyond question this track is destined to churn things up from feting grounds straight to the asphalt carpet.

    Just remember though, when you get swept away in its swirling currents, lost in its harmonious eddies, that you were forewarned and therefore forearmed to either move out the way…or of course get on ARROGANT!

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  • New Ataklan – Carnivalin

    Written by Mark ‘Ataklan’ Jiminez
    Produced and Mastered by Keshav ‘LAZAbeam’ Singh
    Executive Producer: Mark ‘Ataklan’ Jiminez for TAJ Records.

    Ataklan once again teaming up with LAZAbeam to create ‘CARNIVALIN’, Ataklan’s 2nd official release for 2K16. Traditional Rapso call and response fused with elements of EDM & Soca to an infectious driving bass and rhythm, with lyrical styles delivered in unique Klanny style, a true fete and club banger, taking you UP and UP and AWAY!

    RIDDIM, CHANTING AND ENERGY, distinctly Trinbagonian, from Carnival in Trinbago to festivals internationally, we ‘CARNIVALIN’.

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  • Launch of the Plum Tree by Martha A. Blanchard

    Last evening saw the launch of ‘The Plum Tree’ by Martha A. Blanchard, at The Cultural Development Foundation Conference Room.

    The function was attended by fellow artistes, family and friends who came to celebrate a great milestone in the literary society of Saint Lucia and welcoming the newest author and children’s writer.

    “The Plumb Tree is about two friends Pella and Stacia who have big plans for a summer of fun on Helen island.

    When tragedy strikes, for Pella’s family, her life changes as do her chances for excelling at the Common Entrance Exam and getting into a top Secondary School.
    Determined not to be separated, the friends must work together to beat the odds and rise to the top of their class”.

    The author a Saint Lucian, born in La Clery, Castries and grew up in Hospital Road, Castries attended the Ave Maria Primary School, The Saint Joseph’s Convent and graduated from The Girl’s Vocational School.

    Blanchard worked for a short stint in Saint Lucia at The Royal Bank of Canada and then migrated to the U.S.A where she continued her education where she obtained a Certificate in Banking and began to work towards a first degree in Political Science.

    On returning to the Caribbean in 1986 she continued her studies at the University of the West Indies, Barbados Campus. In 1988 she returned to the United States gaining certification at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Finally in 1994 she completed her first degree at Saint Francis College in Brooklyn, New York, graduating with a Bachelors of Arts Degree Magna cum Laude in the field of Political Science and Government.

    She continued to pursue her writing with her first published titled ‘The Courage to Create’ was published in The Star Newspaper in 1985. In 1994 she also published with the Star, Voice and Mirror newspapers; two pieces which stood out; one being her escape from 911 while vacationing in New York City and her interview with the renowned Black intellectual Aime Cesaire of Martinique. Another piece of work titled ‘Christella Long’, a children’s short story recently got published in the Caribbean Writer Magazine.

    In 2010 she won a scholarship to attend a Workshop for Children’s Writers with the Highlights Foundation, in Chautauqua, Pennsylvania.
    Her tutor at the Workshop, Ms. Christine Taylor Butler, an established African American children’s author, read two of her works, ‘The Plum Tree’ and ‘Finding Amazona’. She received immediate response from her tutor informing her that ‘The Plum Tree’ was the work which she should seek to publish.

    In 2014 having retired early from her career in the Public Service, and feeling compelled to pursue fulltime, her new life as a writer of children’s stories, songwriter and screenplay writer, she became a member the Association of Children’s Authors and Illustrations of Color (ACAIC) based in the United States, and commenced her new life as a writer in her community of Ciceron.

    In 2014 she submitted her ‘The Plum Tree’ to a small Caribbean Publishing Company called Caribbean Reads which is based in Saint Kitts. Her work was welcomed. She had finally found her home. She immediately forged ahead in perfecting her writing under the critical guidance of Carol Mitchel the Publisher, leading to the publication of her work.

    It has been the sentiment of many who attended the Launch of ‘The Plum Tree’ on Thursday evening that this book should be selected as a text book in the educational system of Saint Lucia and the wider Caribbean. The writings reflect the true lifestyle of the average Caribbean family and community and would be of interest to children of nine to eleven years of age as they would be able to relate to the circumstances in this work of Martha A. Blanchard.

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  • Mac Truc Blazes with New EP Muziq

    The Federation Family presents its new EP from local sensation Mac Truc titled Muziq, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on December 4, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE.

    Antiguan stunner Mac Truc has been burning up airwaves at home for years now, and makes his mark internationally with this new collection of hits. Muziq features seven songs, including a mix of dancehall with “Ladies Make A Sound” and soca with “Music Hold Me,” “Party Nice” and “Put It On Me” featuring Federation Diva.

    Founded by Antiguan entertainer Karl “Fucha Kid” Edwards, The Federation Family is home to local dancehall and soca acts, as is seeks to cultivate new talent in its homeland, and deliver more diverse and exciting music to the international audience. Muziq is that mission in motion.

    1. Ladies Make A Sound
    2. Music Hold Me
    3. Don’t Let Me Leave
    4. On A Roll
    5. Party Nice
    6. Put It On Me Featuring Federation Diva
    7. Your Body

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  • Simply Natural Family Serves Up “Lickah” by Remixah

    Simply Natural Family (SNF) serves up its new hit “Lickah” by Remixah, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on November 27, 2015, from FOX FUSE. Based in Trindad and Tobago, SNF is a group of talented producers, musicians, songwriters and creators. Their overall mission is to spread unity and positive vibes through the vehicle of music and “Lickah” does just that.

    Produced by Robert “SN” Baptiste for SNF, the sizzling track was released for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season. With intoxicating vocals from Trinidadian soca slayer Joshua “Remixah” Alexander, “Lickah” is bound to be a fete favorite, at Carnival and beyond.

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  • Dnyce Muzic Drops New Jams from Ainsley King and Lisa Voice Banton

    Dnyce Muzic delivers two new soca jams with “Wine Up Pon It” by Lisa Voice Banton and “Sample It” by Ainsley King, both available worldwide from all major digital retailers from FOX FUSE.

    Based in Laventille, Trinidad, Dnyce Muzic is helmed by producer David “Dnyce” Pereira, who earned his musical stripes by making his own beats and writing songs since he was 17 years old. His R&B background makes his productions stand out, as he incorporates that style into his productions, as is evident on these two tracks.

    “Wine Up Pon It” is a provocative, up-tempo soca jam from Trinidadian songstress Lisa Voice Banton, which teases her listeners to wine up on her. While Ainsley King brings easy breezy, groovy soca vibes on “Sample It.” The two tunes add to Dnyce Muzic’s growing catalog and fuels the studio into the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season.

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  • Stein Gives Us “Party Pan Di Endz”

    Dancehall stunner Stein thrills with his new track “Party Pan Di Endz,” available worldwide from all major digital retailers from FOX FUSE. Penned by Stein and produced by his own label New Planet Records, in conjunction with Studio 91, his latest hit delivers a new soundtrack for his fans.

    “Party Pan Di Endz” is a laid-back, melodic track that spews party vibes for people to enjoy on dance floors everywhere. The groovy jam proves Stein’s versatility, as he regularly moves between hardcore dancehall and upbeat dance tunes for the dance halls.

    With his Determination EP out earlier this year and a slew of recent hits in hand, Stein is currently in the studio working on his new album, while keeping new singles and videos coming, to satisfy his fans across the world.

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  • Alison Hinds & iWeb are “Incredible”

    Barbadian hit producer Darien Bailey teams up with soca queen Alison Hinds and Bajan sensation iWeb for the new road anthem “Incredible,” available worldwide from all major digital retailers from FOX FUSE. This continues a string of hits for Darien Bailey, who has seen massive success with his work on monster jams such as “Ducking” by Fadda Fox and “Red Light District” by Bunji Garlin.

    “Incredible” is a groovy soca tune perfect for chippin’ down the road and at fetes, come carnival time. The track is Bailey’s new release for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season. It is already burning up the charts and airwaves across the Caribbean, and now makes its way globally.

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  • Ataklan – Wine Thief (2016 TNT Soca)

    Written by Mark ‘Ataklan’ Jiminez
    Produced by Shallon ‘Dred Wizard’ Bailey
    Executive Producer Mark ‘Ataklan’ Jiminez for TAJ Records
    Mastered by Nicholas Hoyte

    Ataklan’s 1st official Carnival 2K16 release ‘Wine Thief’ takes us back to the basics in this year’s Soca Renaissance. The Midnight Robber is at it again with this mischievous and infectious track. ‘Wine Thief’ refreshes the distinctly Trinbagonian essence of high energy partying with a vibrant and iconic sound.

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  • Kaj Designs Employs A Bold Strategy To Penetrate The European Luxury Fashion Market

    Premier Caribbean Mid-Luxury Fashion Brand Partners With Global Runway And Britain’s Destination Weddings And Honeymoons Abroad Magazine

    With a steadfast focus to establish Kaj Designs as the Caribbean’s foremost mid-luxury fashion brand, the exclusive Trinidad and Tobago-based fashion house embarked on a bold strategy to penetrate the European market. This historic milestone introduced the brand to the thriving UK luxury fashion market via its distribution with the online boutique, Global Runway, coupled with an advertising campaign in Britain’s lavish specialist consumer magazine, Destinations Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad (DWHA). Over the past two months, Kaj further strengthened its market presence as DWHA’s exclusive international fashion brand and partner at two of London’s leading trade events, The National Wedding Show (TNWS) and the World Travel Market London (WTM London).

    These alliances with Global Runway as well as DWHA, have given Kaj access to the largest online luxury fashion market globally as well as Europe’s lucrative and growing wedding and honeymoons sector. “We have employed a two-pronged approach in market penetration in order to achieve success internationally. The opportunity to gain market share in two of our key target market segments hinges on making our brand accessible to the consumer while also elevating the profile of the brand via our marketing efforts. Our primary objective is to position Kaj as the Caribbean’s leader in luxury fashion. This initiative marks a critical one for us,” shared Kaj’s CEO, Liza Miller.

    Kaj’s full-page ad campaign was launched in the November/December 2015 issue of DWHA, which is currently available online and throughout the UK at leading newsagents and retailers including Harrods, Selfridges and at all London airports as well as in the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Monaco, Paris, Germany, Singapore, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and New Zealand. This special issue of DWHA, which was published on September 24, 2015, was also distributed at TNWS from September 25 to 27, 2015 and at the recently concluded WTM London from November 2 to 5, 2015. As DWHA’s exclusive international fashion brand and partner, Kaj’s promotional material was distributed in DWHA’s gift bags at TNWS.

    The timeless luxury of Kaj’s classic resort creations cater to the discerning taste of KajFABfemmes who are confident women that boldly declare their sense of style and sophisticated sensuality in any fora. KajFABfemmes may shop limited edition pieces and experience the exclusive versatility, fine quality and impeccable finish of the Kaj Resort collection via Global Runway

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  • Ricardo Drue – Bet You Weren’t Ready for this Professional

    The year 2015 has been a breakout year for Ricardo Drue. After placing second runner up at the International Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad & Tobago this February, he defended his Power Soca Monarch Crown at the Antigua & Barbuda Soca Monarch competition in July. Not willing to lose momentum from his international hit Vagabond, Ricardo Drue has cranked out two more monster hits for 2015 and Soca lovers are saying YES!

    His first big release of 2015, Professional already has over 200,000 views on YouTube and is continuing to gain momentum throughout the Caribbean, Canada, North and South America. His fans demanded more after hearing Professional and out came his newest hit; Bet. Released just over a week ago, Bet is already lighting up the airways across the Caribbean, is making its way onto international airways and has 60,000 views on YouTube.

    Ricardo’s hard work and dedication to his music manifested in nominations at the International Soca Music Awards and the COTT awards, where he won Best Soca Music Video of the Year 2015 and Breakout Artist of the Year respectively.

    Ricardo recently performed in The Cayman Islands and Jamaica to crowds that have been begging for more Ricardo. He will be performing in Bermuda for the Bermuda Hero’s Weekend 2016 Launch Party on November 20, 2015 and is preparing to give the crowd a performance they won’t soon forget.

    As the 2016 Carnival year approaches, limits will continue to be surpassed and the members of ID Nation will not be disappointed.

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  • Nu Generations Studios Drops “No Time” with Chuck Gordon Ft. D Fridge

    Trinidadian hit-house Nu Generation Studios drops its new soca anthem “No Time” by Chuck Gordon featuring D Fridge, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on November 27, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Buzzing with calypso flavors, Nu Generation Studios and hit producer Julian “Juelio” Nelson pay homage to Trinidad’s musical roots with the groovy, up-tempo “No Time,” which is set to mash up the upcoming 2015 Trinidad Carnival season and beyond, as it now becomes available to soca and calypso lovers across the globe.

    Laventille-based Chuck Gordon (also known to fans as Chucky, Chuckydan, Mr. Chucky, Chucky Gordon and Roderick Gordon), is Trinidad’s reigning and two-time consecutive International Calypso Monarch champion. He teams with H2O Phlo alumni Jason “D Fridge” Seecharan, both delivering buttery vocals to create the smash tune, which is being embraced on radio and by fans internationally.

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  • AdvoKit Productions Scores Mega Jam with “Let Go” by Jahmoun

    AdvoKit Productions scores a mega jam with “Let Go” by Jahmoun, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on November 20, 2015, from FOX FUSE. The Trinidadian hit house teams with local soca artist and radio personality Jahmoun for this quintessential party track, which puts us in the perfect mood for Trinidad Carnival.

    The horn-heavy, groovy soca tune was created for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season and with lyrics that incite festive fervor, the track is bound to take center-stage at upcoming carnivals and fetes, year round. It was produced by Kit Israel for AdvoKit Productions, who also penned the steamy track alongside Emmanuel Rudder, gifting Jahmoun with a sure hit to mash up Carnival and beyond.

    “The track happened naturally and lucky for us, Jahmoun was such a great vocalist,” discloses Israel. “Emmanuel Rudder and I wrote the track and I composed the music in one day, and we recorded it the next day when we met. So the song was done in literally two days. It was such a great experience and the future of soca definitely looks bright.”

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  • MillBeatz Entertainment Wins “Big Business” with Olatunji

    MillBeatz Entertainment wins with new anthem “Big Business” from soca star Olatunji, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on November 20, 2015, from FOX FUSE.

    Penned by reigning International Groovy Soca Monarch champion Olatunji and produced by David Millien for MillBeatz Entertainment, the titillating track is bound to become a new party anthem, as it makes the rounds on the carnival and international soca circuits.

    Both based in Trinidad, MillBeatz Entertainment and Olatunji will definitely have partygoers doing “Big Business,” come Carnival in February 2016. The song will be featured on Olatunji’s upcoming album Awakening, coming soon from FOX FUSE.

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  • NMG Music and Novahh Present the Come Wine Riddim

    Trinidad and Tobago-based production houses NMG Music and Novahh present the new soca compilation Come Wine Riddim, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on November 20, 2015, from FOX FUSE. The groovy collection was co-produced by Nikholai Greene for his new imprint NMG Music, alongside upcoming producer Kyle “Novahh” Joseph, and the tracks are making a big splash as they are burning up airwaves and playlists towards Trinidad Carnival 2016.

    Boasting four groovy soca hits along with the instrumental, the compilation is NMG Music’s first riddim release for the 2016 soca season, and features fan favorites from Lyrikal with “Surrender,” GBMNutron with “My Gyal,” Denise Belfon with “Dismantle,” Sekon Sta with “Body Language,” and Nikholai Greene and Kyle Joseph with “Come Wine Riddim (Instrumental).”

    Based in San Fernando, Trinidad, Nikholai Greene has been producing and engineering hit tracks for years now, first under the Precision Productions umbrella, then most recently for the Bass Gang production collective. He launches his own studio this season under his own NMG Music, and teams up with rising talent Kyle Joseph for this new collection of hits.

    1. Sekon Sta – Body Language
    2. Denise Belfon – Dismantle
    3. Lyrikal – Surrender
    4. GBMNutron – My Gyal
    5. Nikholai Greene & Kyle Joseph – Come Wine Riddim (Instrumental)

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  • Anson Productions Goes the Distance with the Gold Medal Riddim

    Trinidadian hit house Anson Productions goes the distance with its star-studded Gold Medal Riddim, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on November 20, 2015, from FOX FUSE. The groovy soca compilation provides festive dance vibes for playlists throughout the year. It was crafted for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season and now goes global with its release to the international audience.

    The album is featured on the iTunes U.S. Reggae New Music chart, during its week of release, thus, receiving international spotlight for the producers and artists.

    Featuring five smash songs, the Gold Medal Riddim showcases Trinidadian soca star Olatunji, alongside soca sensations 5 Star Akil, Preedy, Sekon Sta and Shradah. Producer Anson Soverall joins forces with Runako “DJ Nako” Greaves for the production, with additional guitars provided by Jabulani. They effortlessly bring groovy soca sounds and deliver a vibrant collection of gems, to the delight of soca fans everywhere.

    1. Olatunji – Seasonally
    2. 5 Star Akil – TuhNight
    3. Preedy – Turn Up
    4. Sekon Sta – Pressure (Gimme That Wine)
    5. Shradah – Doh Hold Meh Back

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  • MadMen Productions and KES Give Us “People”

    MadMen Productions and KES team for yet another dynamite soca hit with “People,” now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released on on November 6, 2015), from FOX FUSE. Based in San Juan, Trinidad, MadMen Productions was established by genre-bending producers Johann Seaton and Ricardo Rameshwar, who infuse pop and dance flavors into this up-tempo soca jam, thereby creating a song for the masses, globally.

    Music fans have benefited from the frequent collaborations between MadMen Productions and KES, which has spawned many of KES’ soca hits over the years. “Madmen and KES have a real chemistry and it was awesome working with him again,” reveals Seaton. The new blockbuster was written by Full Blown Entertainment.

    “People” keeps both KES and MadMen on the front lines as Trinidad is in the midst of its annual Carnival celebrations, and this smash is just the beginning of what will prove to be another dynamic year in soca music for MadMen Productions.

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  • Terry Seales dances back into spotlight with “Island Girl”

    Terry Seales is back. The original ‘winer boi’ of soca rotates into the spotlight with a hit making chuntey soca collaboration with Soca Elvis entitled “Island Girl”. The former New Creation crooner is at his vocal best on the mid-tempo Maha Production-track that’s already a red hot favourite among fans of the genre.

    “Really and truly I haven’t gone anywhere I’ve always been in and around music if not actively creating. But it feels good to be able to put out music again and to see the overwhelming response it’s humbling, it shows that I was missed,” said Seales of the success of the track.

    Written by Nigel Rojas, Elvis (Michael Salloum) and Seales the sing along groove track tells the story of an East Indian Jamaican girl’s first visit to Trinidad and experiencing chutney soca music for the first time.

    “I met this Indian gal/she come down from Jamaica/she come for carnival/ of which she was a stranger/she never hear chutney soca/or the sweet tassa/she only know dancehall from the day that she was born,” the duo sing.

    Seales enjoyed several pockets of success during his two decades in music. He toured extensively across Europe in the early 90’s with New Creation after their Beatles cover “Hey Jude” became a runaway hit across the continent. He returned to T&T later that decade to stints on the frontlines of several soca bands including: Imj & Co, Atlantik, Mayaro the Band and Surface.

    The immediate success of his new release “Island Girl”, however, has the St Ann’s-based singer setting sights on the Chutney Soca Monarch title.

    “Anything is possible,” he said with a coy smile.

    “We just going to go put on a show and do our best and let the people decide.”

    Seales, who is under new management, is also said to be working on a couple calypso offerings, as well as, a power soca which promises to be a fan favourite.

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  • The Music Fraternity Welcomes Mr. Cooper The Smooth Ruler!

    The Music Fraternity has welcomed Canada’s Mr. Cooper thanks to the release of his Gregory Isaacs cover “All I Have is Love” along with his original “My God is Real.”

    With a voice as smooth as fine wine that sounds just like Reggae’s beloved Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs, Mr. Cooper has forged a niche in music that has made him both popular and in demand in Canada and across the Caribbean. Performing from the premise that music is the essence of emotions, Mr. Cooper is known for keeping fans in the emotional love zone which comes through in the release of his two new singles “All I Have is Love” and “My God is Real.”

    Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Mr. Cooper was influenced by the sounds of Reggae, Dancehall and Gospel which he incorporates in the music he shares with the world. Now based in Toronto, Canada, the majority of Mr. Cooper’s music is produced in Canada while maintaining the authentic sounds of Reggae he was born and raised with.

    With the release of his singles “All I Have is Love” and “My God is Real,” fans will notice just how much the artist sounds like Gregory Isaacs. Of this resemblance, Mr. Cooper says “fans tell me how much I remind them of Gregory, so they’re the ones who gave me the name ‘The Smooth Ruler.’ I love them for that, and Gregory is one of my favorite singers.”

    Released on the VPAL imprint (a division of VP Records), Mr. Cooper’s music has been welcomed by the global music fraternity. In addition to being an award winning singer, Mr. Cooper is a songwriter and producer and contributes to his label, Cancer Music. He has worked with Maxi Priest, Buju Banton and Sanchez, and is a JUNO Award Nominee for Best Reggae Recording (2003), and a Canadian Reggae Award winner for Best Male Vocalist.

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  • Popular Caribbean Personality Marks 10 Year Anniversary With Notable Partnerships

    As his ten year mark in the business of entertainment approaches, one of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean’s burgeoning comedic forces is showing even greater ambition, teaming up with athletic champion, Jehue Gordon and fashion designer, Ecliff Elie to further cement his name and theirs in the Caribbean’s lifestyle market . Known simply as, Sunny Bling , Chaguanas homeboy Kerron Sealy has been a figure who’s comedic ease has brought many laughs and now, ahead of the year 2016, he’s doing some rebranding that will sway public perception but certainly keep the laughter coming.

    In a modern world where perception is some people’s reality, all with social media being the rave, Sunny Bling has masked his personal life well. His silly public rants on the airwaves of Slam 100.5FM where he now calls his home away from home, and the stage antics seen when he makes public appearances or hosts events, have made him a public figure in every sense of the term. Now, plans underway to further market himself to a wider audience across the Caribbean Diaspora and internationally, call for bigger steps.

    In November, Sealy teams up with Trinidad and Tobago fashion house owner and designer, Ecliff Elie. The Caribbean men’s clothing line was established in T&T in 1992 and has grown into somewhat of a household name in Trinidad since that time. Sunny Bling has been an avid supporter of the clothing lin e . His current partnership with the brand was only a natural progression since Sealy’s been a true fan of the professional look maintained by the designer. “The Ecliff Elie look is classy and professional. As much as I’m a comedian, I don’t always strive to look comical. I want to look good, stand out, and that’s what Ecliff Elie’s clothing does for me,” said the Direc TV endorsee.

    With the local fashion industry often being sidelined by the man on the street for replacement foreign threads, Sunny says it ’s unfortunate. “As an adult, I’ve come to realize that you can get the look you want and feel the part, from a local designer , for an even better price. I can get the same look and feel, and sometimes even a better look and feel from a local fashion house . I’d rather help my own too. That’s what we need to do -rep resent for the Caribbean,” said the father of two.

    Recently, Trinidad and Tobago hurdler, Jehue Gordon launched his “Ambition” men’s fragrance to much commendation by local media and fellow sporting figures. Sunny Bling has now partnered with the 23 – year – old athlete to further market the fragrance. “I’ve known Jehue for a few years E T – CET – ERA The Company~ and he believes in me and what I’m capable of doing. The “Ambition” fragrance is fully endorsed because it smells really good and it’s long – lasting too,” said Sunny.

    Much like he’s done with his own personal career, delivering a down to earth sense of self and capturing large audiences along the way, Sunny’s partners feel he will now draw audiences to their brands in a subtle yet powerful way. With much more to come from the self – made entertainer, in the weeks and months ahead, there’s no doubt that the highways of Trinidad and Tobago will continue to be aligned with his images, all blown up for the world to see.

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  • CARIBBEAT: Caribbean Life newspaper’s Impact Awards honor selflessness in Caribbean community

    The latest edition of the Community News Group’s Caribbean Life newspaper features the 2015 Impact Awards winners and the gala presentation event.

    They come from varied backgrounds and fields of expertise, but the recipients of the 2015 Caribbean Life newspaper’s Impact Awards share certain attributes — selflessness, determination and passion.

    The awardees, whose common traits include support for community concerns, are being recognized at the Impact Awards Gala on Thursday in Brooklyn at the Paradise Catering Hall, 51 Avenue U (between W. 11th and W. 12th Sts.). A portion of the event proceeds will help fund scholarships for Caribbean American students in New York City.

    The 2015 Impact Awards winners – and their Caribbean roots – are Tropicalfete organization founder and President Alton Aimable (St. Lucia); Leanna’s Inc. hair and body care products company CEO Leanna Archer (Haiti); Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy founder Kwayera Archer Cunningham (Jamaica); West Indian American Day Carnival Association President Thomas Bailey (Trinidad and Tobago); community activist Joan Bakiriddin (Guyana); Econocaribe Shipping company executive Gordon Berment (Trinidad and Tobago); investment, trade and economic development analyst Geneieve Brown-Metzger (Jamaica); GraceKennedy, Foods USA Senior Vice President Ricardo Bryan (Jamaica); BullZii Marketing publicity, advertising and promotion firm founder Andrea Bullens (Jamaica); award-winning interior designer Anishka Clarke (Jamaica); Caribbean Gemz company cofounders Sabrina Clinton and Elijah Knight (Barbados); Indo-Caribbean Alliance cofounder and community leader Richard David (Guyana); Wildlife Conservation Society assistant director of Government and Community Affairs Nicole Robinson-Etienne (St. Vincent and the Grenadines); Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Roy Hastick (Grenada); Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill President and CEO Lowell Hawthorne (Jamaica); Dennis Shipping Company owner and founder Dennis Hawthorne (Jamaica); entrepreneur, editor and community leader Edgar Henry (Guyana); AbunDance Academy artistic director and founder Karisma Jay (Panama); Patriot Agency business services company owner and community leader Terry LaPierre (Trinidad and Tobago); Garifuna cultural ambassador and educator James Lovell (Belize); community leader and Mt. Zion Church of God (Seventh Day) Pastor Gilford Monrose (U.S. Virgin Islands); community advocate and mentor Judy Newton (Barbados); motivational speaker and Center for Black Student Achievement head Dennis Rahim-Watson (Bermuda); Riviera Imports executive and community leader Juan Reyes (Dominican Republic); music promoter, writer and Images LLC marketing firm Co-President Dave Rodney (Jamaica); Rapid Realty firm executive and community leader Nina Rodriguez (Puerto Rico); entrepreneur and restaurateur Annette Runcie (Jamaica); Caribbean Airlines executive and community leader Carl Stuart (Guyana); Friends of Crown Heights Educational Centers President and CEO Vaughan Toney (St. Vincent and the Grenadines); Square Deal Shippers and Movers founder and community leader Ruby Wood (St. Vincent and the Grenadines); and author, New School master’s program professor and cultural activist Tiphanie Yanique (U.S. Virgin Islands).

    “The Community News Group and Caribbean Life are proud to celebrate the people who have made a difference in the Caribbean community in NY. Caribbean Life has been serving the community for 25 years. As someone who has worked with the community it’s my honor to recognize these individuals,” said Community News Group CEO Les Goodstein. “They are truly the backbone of our neighborhoods.”

    Caribbean Life newspaper is part of the Community News Group, New York’s largest family-owned collection of newspapers, websites and magazines.

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  • The Game |Reggae Legends Inner Circle |Macy Gray | UB40 |House of Pain Announced For The 2016 Raggamuffin Festival

    Raggamuffin is Australasia’s premier reggae and roots festival and features an unrivalled line-up of top international and local artists.

    From new reggae and urban acts to the bona fide legends, the festival has already seen huge artists such as UB40, Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, three of Bob Marley’s sons, Ice Cube, Chronixx and Cypress Hill take the stages, alongside Kiwi favourites including Katchafire, House of Shem and Aaradhna.

    Going into it’s ninth year, the next Raggamuffin will take place on Saturday 20 February 2016 and includes first announcement headliners such as Eddy Grant, Sly & Robbie, Jnr Marvin’s Wailers and more. Check out the full line-up here.

    The one-day festival features 12 hours of music over one jam-packed day, as well as a vibrant village market area and VIP ticketing options. Raggamuffin IX returns to Auckland’s The Trust Arena for the second year running.

    Giving back is an important mantra of Raggamuffin, with the festival this year partnering with Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust – an organisation which provides music therapy to special needs children. A portion of all tickets sold will be donated to the cause.

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