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Getting the track ARROGANT for Carnival 2016!

We know exactly what you say about us. And you know what? Yes we are.

Especially when it involves creating major waves in Soca.

But can you blame us? Given the history between Precision Productions and Kerwin Du Bois, we are betting instead that you will clique up, and help us turn the whole genre on its tail with this new release.

Building on the rampant success and natural camaraderie between the two camps, Kerwin and the Precision team are crashing limitations and surging forward with a fresh sound, which is as remarkably different as it is intensely appealing.

Even though initially in the song it seems as though the Groovy Soca Monarch is getting far too big for his britches, as you listen on, his craftily developed lyrics share a sentiment any Carnival lover can easily see eye to eye with.

That connected feeling, elevated by the overwhelming emotion that floods our souls and pours out during this season to shape this festival into a radiant gem whose shine we eagerly crave.

A sensation expertly echoed in the music production, which was a joint effort by Precision and Du Bois.

Beyond question this track is destined to churn things up from feting grounds straight to the asphalt carpet.

Just remember though, when you get swept away in its swirling currents, lost in its harmonious eddies, that you were forewarned and therefore forearmed to either move out the way…or of course get on ARROGANT!

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