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Son of Calypso Icon Rootsman teaches Time Management

Being the son of late Calypso icon Rootsman is no easy task when contemplating your involvement in music. There are comparisons, expectations and pressures that have to be dealt those of which have never served as
deterrents for Shawn ‘Mr. Spekks’ Thomas. His passion and love for music was a commonality that he shared with his father much to their enjoyment. Even with the passing of his father being a recent memory, Mr. Spekks
continues to hold on to countless conversations that he shared with his father. One that remains embedded in his mind was his father echoing reminders “To write songs with substance that can live on for years.”

Putting his father’s advice into practice has taken him quite a number of years. He is comfortable with his craft and is ready to make his contribution for Carnival 2016 with his groovy soca track titled “Time Management.” As the title suggests, the skillfully crafted track explains issues with time management and how he intends to deal with the issue for carnival. Prioritizing is the key and he shed light on this in his release. The downside however is that someone will be left unhappy, in this scenario it would be “boss man.” This Carnival he is managing his time and will enjoy every bit of partying and indulgence.

Gifted with vocal versatility and songwriting capabilities, Mr. Spekks has made it easy for singing-along to “Time Management.” He is not encouraging delinquency but smart prioritizing for Carnival 2016. His intent is to assist all those with issues managing time to be able to clearly understand the processes involved. The catchy lyrics and melodies of the song have been brought to life by pulsating rhythms that were created by ace producer Anson Soverall.

As a follow up to his 2015 release, Party Capital which was produced by Advokit, Mr. Spekks is certainly one to look at for the future.

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