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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Fya Empress on D’ Road with Roy Cape All Stars & Blaxx for Trinidad Carnival 2014

    Reigning Ragga Soca Monarch of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Fya Empress (Lornette Nedd Reid), has recently been added to the line-up to perform alongside Roy Cape All Stars and Blaxx for the Trinidad Carnival 2014 season.No stranger to Trinidad stage, the 2013 International Soca Monarch finalist said not only she was excited about the news, but was also honoured and ready to take up the mantle of the female vocals to accompany the world renowned Roy Cape All Stars. This comes after Fya Empress’s successful season in 2013, with her fete smashing soca hit, “Rum Please” produced by Slaughter Arts Production, which led her into the International Soca Monarch finals.

    Fya Empress recently completed touring the Caribbean, Europe and North America and is back in Trinidad ready for the 2014 Carnival season. She said she always look forward to Trinidad’s Carnival, “the energy of the people here cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world”, she says. Thus far for 2014, Fya Empress has released to the radio waves, her song entitled “Ah Ketch it”, produced by Andrew “Hitz” Phillip of Grenada and soon to be released, “Earthquake 7.5” produced by Neil Bernard, carded to be launched in Trinidad on January 1st 2014 . Fya Empress has plans of being a strong contender at the International Soca Monarch and apart from performing with Roy Cape All Stars for the season; she has already been booked for major fetes in Trinidad and Tobago.

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  • Studio B Presents EL DORADO RIDDIM Feat. Fay-Ann Lyons, Swappi & More

    “Now everyone wishes they could handle a stiff challenge; be it drinking in excess of normal consumption or dancing to a beat with great vigor and swag. Who so ever has these qualities stand a good chance at capturing the El Dorado Gold. It can be a trophy, a bottle of rum, a Guyanese specialty or a Studio B Production. This is Carnival!!! Fayann was quite clear by saying “doh fraid”! Stick to the wine and make your presence known. Listen to the music move in a time sensitive fashion. Never show fear, just dance.

    Revelation must have had an unforgettable experience that led to his forward word play; what a wine!

    Don’t let go neither bottle nor bumper! Swap! Swappi tells a story of how inveterate party animals refuse to leave a party vibe.

    The El Dorado Rum has an important part to play. The distinctive El Dorado flavor, characterized by a deep, mellow sweetness has a stern grip on the drinker. Nowhere else can you find such a vast choice of high quality rums to suit every palate and every occasion. No wonder they can’t leave! Buy more than 20 bottles of the gold stuff and just ball! Its something masculine, something affiliated with swag and prestige. Ranking observed and delivered on El Dorado. An elegant collection of drums and a classic mix was all to it really. Production ought not be too much or too little. How then will be concoct what making the right blend is about? Studio B took a tip and a little sip of El Dorado to make it all happen.”

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    On January 1st, 2014, Big Links Promotion in association with Glen Grocery, G-Mac and Jerry will present the annual New Year’s Day Treat and Customer Appreciation Stage Show. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger and this year is no different. Artists expected to make an appearance are Sizzla Kalonji, I Wayne, Jah Bouks, Karamanti, Mikey General, Tarrus Riley, Redeem, Nature, Ibah Mar, and that is just to name a few. Music will be provided by Cave Man Sound with DJ DC (from Bess FM) on the turn tables.

    The event will be held at Glen’s Place (50 ½ Deanary Road in Vineyard Town, Kingston, Jamaica). This year’s staging is being sponsored by Big Jo and the Police Youth Club. Patrons are asked to take the kids out early in the day for free treats and giveaways. Stage show starts at 9pm sharp!

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  • ON THE TRUCK by Ms Alysha (2014 Soca) DOWNLOAD NOW!

    It’s time for pace…We are talking about 160 bpm of pure vibes for Carnival 2014. While some are still basking in Christmas festivities, Ms. Alysha is sounding the alarm for Power Soca with her single “On The Truck.” Known for her ability to chant quickly, Ms. Alysha easily dishes out lyrics inviting you to “Climb Up” and “Wuk It Up On Top The Truck.” Sounds inviting right?

    A song that is geared for masqueraders requires only one thing to be done; oblige to her instructions. Teaming up with Homebase Music of Grenada, Ms. Alysha is one of the first artistes to release a Power Soca contribution for Carnival 2014. When many thought that the faster versions of Soca were becoming extinct, Ms. Alysha is here to assure music lovers that this is not the case. The question is whether or not you have the energy to misbehave on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.
    Picture yourself on the road searching for the truck with the most vibes with your crew. When you find it, hold on, your Carnival enjoyment depends on it. Ms. Alysha and Homebase Music are pleased to present music lovers with a track that is certain to pump your adrenaline. That feeling of excitement, pure ecstasy and total uninterrupted enjoyment is here. Get “On The Truck,” jump, wave, ride, hold on and misbehave.

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  • D’Chancellor – HEAT (Prod. By Kerwin Du Bois) *2014 Soca*

    When ace singer/songwriter/producer Kerwin Du Bois issued a call for talented singers, songwriters and upcoming producers to participate in his competition ‘Pressure Cooker’, Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris was one of the first entrants. The competition which was the brain child of Du Bois was born in early 2013. With three categories Steam, Heat and Boiling Point; Keston expressed interest in Heat and Steam. The categories chosen by Keston aimed to afford entrants the opportunity to have a song produced by Du Bois, the opportunity to collaborate with Du Bois or write an entire song for him.

    With only the first leg of the competition completed, Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris can boast of winning in the Steam category and being the first winner of ‘Pressure Cooker.’ Journeying to Canada, to have his song produced by one of the industry’s talents that he has admired was one that D’Chancellor was willing to take. The six hour drive from New Jersey to Toronto to record proved to be one of his best journeys to date. His winning track titled “Heat” is a groovy track with a hint of raga. Paying homage to the sexiness that some women display, Keston labels it as ‘Heat.’

    Excited about the opportunity which he has received, Keston who has been involved in music for twenty years shared; ‘This opportunity is one that I am extremely thankful for.” He added, “Many can only dream of having a track produced by the likes of Kerwin Du Bois.” His talent is endorsed by Du Bois and he is hopeful that the industry is willing to embrace him and his contribution for Carnival 2014.
    According to Kerwin Du Bois, “Keston brought a unique vibe that caught my attention immediately.” Laughing he also mentions “The two pressure cookers that Keston placed on the table behind him when taping his entry” as notable. Needless to say, Keston went above and beyond to ensure that his entry was attention grabbing. Du Bois explained that as a result of preparations for the upcoming carnival in Trinidad and Tobago the dates for the remaining categories have not been announced yet. He maintains, that the opportunities provided for the winners are in their best interest and he looks forward to seeing and hearing what the other entrants have to offer.

    Ladies this is one time that blushing would be relevant….Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris has lyrics that will do that to you.

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  • Toots Riddim: ZAGGA DAT By Sir Scarz (Prod. By Dwaingerous) 2014 CARNIVAL

    If your attitude radiates; energy, swagger, finesse and style, then you already know how to “Zagga Dat”. “Zagga Dat”, is the new catch phrase for 2014, coined by Sir Skarz. It’s not only a catch phrase but a song and dance off the “Toots Riddim” produced by Dwaingerous. Sir Skarz equates this song as his second persona; a man full of energy ready to “Zagga Dat” for the 2014 Soca Season. Sir Skarz is an artist that takes joy and pride in freestyling. Skir Skarz added the “Zagga Dat” to create a movement for 2014; compounding energy swagger and a positive spirit. Take a listen to “Zagga Dat” and you be the judge – in fact don’t do just listen see if you have what it takes to “Zagga Dat”.

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  • Healing through Cultural Fashion and Beauty

    Isis Brantley of Dallas, Texas is a style influencer and the recent recipient of the “Nzuri 100 Carat Diamond Award” for pioneering natural hair care; and being a trailblazer for over 20 years in the natural hair care industry. Isis was recently awarded during the Nzuri Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Festival’s 100 Carat Diamond Award Gala event. Isis Brantley has been a practitioner of natural hair care in the African-American community for 30 years. She is also the brainchild of the annual Naturally Isis Hair Parade and Festival with celebrity songstress Erykah Badu as the Grand Marshall. According to Isis, braiding natural hair has been a career endeavor that has been challenged by ideologies that insist on denouncing cultural expression, economic liberty and civil rights. Isis’s most dramatic encounter was a highly publicized airport security alert when her afro set off a panic response by TSA officials in Atlanta, Georgia who were concerned that Isis was concealing a weapon in her hair. The incident was an embarrassing spectacle for Isis and made national news headlines. Currently Isis has been challenged by the state of Texas for illegally operating her Institute of Ancestral Braiding College without becoming a licensed barber instructor. Isis has opened a federal suite against the state of Texas challenging the economic liberty and due process of the law in order to continue to operate her school. Isis seeks certification that will be recognized by the state and allow her students to be able to operate legally as braiding professionals.

    “This is a natural hair care and braiding business. We don’t barber, heat hair or use harmful chemicals; and there exist no licensed school that trains and certifies for braiding natural hair. This is a practice that is apart of indigenous African culture, and I’m offended by ignorant outsiders attempting to regulate a cultural practice that is a civil right, a human right, a God given right!” explains Isis. “What I do is important to people of the African diaspora because we offer healing through the hair and the expression of culture. African-Americans need to be re-educated about the beauty standards for black hair care. Many of the popular products and practices in the market cause damage to their hair.” say’s Isis.

    As a natural hair care guru, Isis keeps her focus on the nexus of cultural beauty and ethnic style by wearing elaborate ethnic fashions. At the December 6th Nzuri Diamond Awards event, Isis Brantley wore a TeKay Designs gown with bronze, gold embroidery that was hand made in Ghana, Africa. The gown has a mermaid silhouette with a sexy opening on the dress skirt with embroidered scalloped edges. The fabric is cotton jacquard, a high quality embossed cotton fabric. The gown has a modern fit and the embroidered African fabric makes a significant cultural statement. Isis’s fight for preserving cultural identity for people of the African diaspora is represented from head to toe. Isis uses ethnic fashions and beauty to heal the community by promoting cultural style. According to Isis, self-expression through cultural fashions is a part of a healing process.

    Isis explains,”There is healing through cultural expression. This is a culturally related industry, so ethnic fashions complements my identity. This is how I represent! My wardrobe is styled by Tekay Designs because I love the bold colors, soft fabrics and Afrique Chic styles. For me it’s important to support other creatives from the African diaspora. Africans are trendsetters and influencers of style. Other ethnic groups have fashioned products to the African-American consumer’s demand; we need to also patron black owned businesses that offer African cultural products. Patronizing is apart of the healing process for the black community. This is a time of awakening for African-American self-preservation and beautification. And I’m leading by example. By changing suppressive policies and social conformity, while promoting cultural awareness and wellness through my profession.”

    According to a popular belief of those who practice cosmetology formally and informally, the mindset is that, hair relaxers can be both a blessing and a curse for many African-American women. African-American woman are targeted with marketing by the chemical industry that offers hair-straightening products that provide for easy, time saving preparations for getting ready each day. However, when not applied professionally, the harsh chemicals can result in hair loss, breakage and even scalp burns. Isis explains, “The time we take grooming ourselves is a labor of love, and we should not regress into a mindset that we don’t have the time to take care of our natural hair.” Through her teachings, Isis Brantley re-establishes wellness, cultural identity, and reinforces the love of black beauty in the community one kinky curl strand at a time.

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  • Special Edition! Jazz Un-breaks hearts with Toni Braxton

    Kingston, Jamaica; The 18th staging of the JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival is set to sizzle with six time Grammy Award winning star Toni Braxton. The event takes place on Thursday, January 30, 2014 – Saturday, February 1, 2014.

    Also adding their brand of musical fireworks to the stage at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium will be Grammy Award winning song bird Chrissette Michelle whose hits include Epiphany and A couple of Foreveres and Aaron Neville whose mega hit Don’t Know much ignited Jamaica in 1989.

    Patrons of the Festival will be treated to exceptional performances in addition to great fun, food and networking.

    A festival spokes person notes that several additional announcements will be made but believes the artistes listed are phenomenal singers and performers and have a repertoire of music Jamaicans enjoy.

    Leading lady, Toni Braxton captured six Grammy awards with hits such as Un-break my heart, Spanish Guitar and Breath Again and claimed a prominent spot in the hearts of Jamaican with her swag and huge vocals.

    Jamaica’s most diverse three day music Festival is in high gear for another outstanding staging with patrons locally and from overseas already making advanced purchases for tickets to the event.

    The Festival is renowned for its rich music and cultural offerings and the feature event has also been a launching pad for some of the nation’s outstanding talents including Tessanne Chin, Roots Underground and Reggae Maestro Romain Virgo.

    The JAMAICA Jazz and Blues Festival takes place on Thursday, January 30, 2014 – Saturday, February 1, 2014, a slight change in dates to avoid booking clashes as a result of the Grammy Awards, at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium.

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  • Kerwin Du Bois Calls On His Monsters…Monster Winner Video Is Here!

    In a bid to eliminate conformity of creative ideas when showcasing Soca music in video format to the world, ‘Out Of The Box’ is a term Kerwin Du Bois has embraced. Adamant to add elements which provide visual stimulation to music lovers worldwide, Kerwin Du Bois has added yet another attention grabbing music video to his portfolio. This time, “Monster Winer” steps up to the plate, promising to be one of the most risky, well scripted and costumed Soca music videos to date.

    Captured in Miami and Trinidad and Tobago, Du Bois and his team solicited the assistance of three of the most talented dancehall queens (who will now be referred to as Monsters). The Monsters; Binta Blackout is the European Dancehall Queen 2013, Real New York of Teacher’s Pet and Brandi, the runner up in the International Dancehall Queen 2013 are infamous talents in the dancehall queen fraternity. The flexibility and uniqueness of the dancehall moves displayed by the Monsters were enhanced by Lexx Perry, a talented Jamaican designer/stylist. With Creative Consultation from Nneka Nurse the official video for “Monster Winer” was perfected. Have you ever witnessed a sexily clad female doing a 360◦ degree head spin with no hands? Brandi proved that while it is a feat that many may be unable to achieve, it is not impossible.

    “The entire purpose of creating the video the way that we did is to break barriers and move away from the typical Carnival vibe” explained Du Bois. The Monsters and locations were strategically selected to increase the momentum of the already well received hit single which is sung by Du Bois and Lil Rick. It is only fitting that the specially selected Monsters battle and live up to titles given to them by Du Bois. With a referee and spectators they would do just that, proving that they are in fact Monsters…Monster Winers. Be prepared to embrace the incorporation of bling, spikes, leather, leashes and high heels in a way that will be seen for the first time in the Soca fraternity.

    Watch Video Here:

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  • Legendary Jamaican Piano Man To Play The “Blues”

    CaribPR, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Dec. 23, 2013: On the heels of his London Jazz Festival performance, Grammy-nominated international jazz pianist, the legendary Jamaican-born Monty Alexander, will catch a good case of the “blues” beginning next week and lasting into January 2014.

    Alexander, who is gearing up for the release of his “Harlem Kingston Express 2,” next year, will begin the “blue-bration” with his annual holiday performance at the legendary Blues Alley in Washington, D.C., from December 27th through the 31st.

    Blues Alley has earned rave reviews globally for showcasing internationally renowned concert hall artists in a small intimate setting and for the past two years, Alexander has been the act booked to ring in the New Year. Tickets for this show are in demand so book early.

    Alexander will continue his musical celebration with a historic performance in January 2014 at New York’s legendary Blue Note Jazz Club, under the theme, “A History of Jamaican Music – Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Jazz.”

    “This show will be one of the most incredible that I have ever been a part of,” commented Jamaica’s acclaimed Piano Man. “It will truly be called a musical presentation of the history of reggae and Jamaican music!”

    The New York performance at the legendary jazz club will run from January 13th for one night only before returning for six consecutive nights, from January 21st with vocalist, Caterina Zapponi & the Pizzarellis on guitars and bass and John Clayton and Jeff Hamilton from the 22nd to the 24th . All of the artists will be backed by Alexander’s Grammy-nominated band, the Harlem-Kingston Express.

    “A History Of Reggae,” will take the show to higher heights on January 25th and 26th and will not only feature Jamaica’s Commander of Distinction and ‘Luminary Award’ 2012 recipient, Alexander, but Ernest Ranglin, Jamaica’s Master of the Guitar and the pioneer and innovator of reggae and Jamaican music; and the new Prince of Reggae and Jamaica’s most buzzed about reggae act, Chronixx.

    Ranglin played guitar on many early ska recordings in Jamaica and helped create the rhythmic guitar style that defined the music form. He has worked with Jimmy Cliff, The Skatalites and the late great Robert Nesta Marley and is a known for a chordal and rhythmic approach that blends jazz, mento and reggae with percussive guitar solos incorporating rhythm ‘n’ blues and jazz inflections. In 2008 Ranglin was inducted into the Jamaican Music Hall of Fame by the Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Affiliates (JAVAA).

    Chronixx, born Jamar McNaughton, 21, has been lauded recently as reggae’s next superstar. The first single from his “Dread and Terrible” EP, “Here Comes Trouble” recently topped the BBC’s digital urban station Radio 1Xtra chart, is in rotation on Sirius XM’s reggae channel.

    Show times on January 13th and January 21-26th at the Blue Note will be 8 and 10:30 p.m.

    In a career spanning five decades, pianist Monty Alexander has built a reputation exploring and bridging the worlds of American jazz, popular song, and the music of his native Jamaica, finding in each a sincere spirit of musical expression. In the process, he has performed and recorded with artists from every corner of the musical universe and entertainment world: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ray Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry, Quincy Jones, Ernest Ranglin, Barbara Hendricks, Bill Cosby, Bobby McFerrin, Sly Dunbar, and Robbie Shakespeare, among others.

    Alexander’s collaborations span multiple genres, styles, and generations. His projects have been as varied as assisting Natalie Cole in her tribute album to her father, Nat “King” Cole in 1991 (the resulting album, Unforgettable, won seven Grammy awards), performing George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” under the direction of Bobby McFerrin at the Verbier Festival in Switzerland, and recording the piano track for the film score of Clint Eastwood’s Bird, a movie about the life of jazz titan Charlie Parker.

    In August 2000, the Jamaican government awarded Alexander the title of Commander in the Order of Distinction for outstanding services to Jamaica as a worldwide music ambassador. Two collections were released in 2011 that capture the excitement of Monty Alexander’s live performances around the world: Uplift, a trio album on JLP Records, and Harlem-Kingston Express on Motema Music.

    ‘Harlem Kingston Express: Live!,’ was singled out by both the recording industry and fans and received a Grammy award nomination in 2012.

    In the summer of 2012, Alexander was awarded the prestigious German Jazz Trophy, “A Life for Jazz” and in November 2012 he received the Caribbean American Heritage Luminary Award from the Institute of Caribbean Studies in Washington, D.C.

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  • Alpha Blondy – My American Dream

    West-African reggae vocalist Alpha Blondy returns with his latest video “My American Dream,” directed by Brant Kantor of NBTV and filmed in New York City, where Alpha once resided. The video’s vivid imagery was shot the day before Independence Day on July 3, 2013 in and around historic locations throughout Manhattan – including the newly-erected Freedom Tower, Battery Park, Mendez Boxing in Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. “My American Dream” is off of his most recent studio effort Mystic Power, available digitally and in stores now on VP Records.

    With over 15 albums under his belt, Alpha Blondy stays true to his signature contemporary world sound on Mystic Power. His unmistakable vocals (which are a mix of English, French and his native language Dioula) are filled with socially-charged messages that effortlessly ride over Afro-reggae beats and jazzy funk-fused rhythms. He inspires change on opening track “Hope,” which features Jamaican dancehall king Beenie Man, and offers a powerful rendition of Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” on “J’ai Tue Le Commissaire.” Blondy then goes on to explain the true meaning behind “mystic power” on “Woman,” a heart-felt tribute recognizing the strength and endurance of the entire gender.

    Alpha Blondy’s upbringing is as rich and diverse as his music. Hailing from the Ivory Coast, Alpha Blondy was born to a Muslim mother and a Christian father and brought up by a grandmother who taught him to love everyone. He always raised awareness about social injustice and aimed to promote unity in his lyrics and in real life, which eventually led him to become the Ambassador for Peace for the UNESCO, NATO and CEDEAO. The singer grew up listening to African folkloric music, but was influenced by American bands like Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Otis Redding. He was introduced to Bob Marley’s music when he moved to New York to study English at Hunter College and in Columbia University’s American Language Program. After a brief stint in Paris to record his 1984 album Cocody Rock, he headed to Jamaica to record the title track with Marley’s backing group, The Wailers. Later, he returned to in Kingston’s Tuff Gong Studios to record his third album Jerusalem (1986). By the release of his 1987 album Revolution, Blondy had already established himself as an international artist with a massive following in his native country, North America and Europe. His popularity continues to grow, and he continues to steadily release albums.

    Watch Video Here:

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  • Shaggy and Friends for January 4th, 2014 in Jamaica ft. Tessanne Chin – Ne-Yo and More!

    Shaggy lives by a motto that has been adopted by people around the world. The motto is “it’s not about the award, it’s about the reward,” and reward is what Shaggy will receive to begin 2014!
    On January 4th, Shaggy and friends will celebrate at the artists annual concert called Shaggy and Friends. The event is produced by Shaggy and team to raise funds for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Jamaica. Now in its 8th year (7 years prior to that Shaggy was doing this on his own), Shaggy has raised more than $2 Million USD for the hospital which has been used to buy necessary medical equipment.
    This year some of Shaggy’s closest friends will be in attendance to support his fundraising efforts. Friends such as award winning, and international recording artist Ne-Yo whose hits include “Miss Independent,” “Sexy Love,” and “Because of You” will perform. Ne-Yo, who became friends with Shaggy after meeting the star through mutual friends, didn’t hesitate to lend support to the cause saying “I am honored to perform for the children of Jamaica and bring added attention to the Bustamante Hospital.” In addition to Ne-Yo joining Shaggy on stage, January 4th will mark the homecoming of Jamaica’s international songstress, Tessanne Chin.
    Tessanne caused international hearts to stir with her performance on NBC’s The Voice. Moving fans worldwide, Tessanne impressed judges and fans each week with her powerful and passionate voice, singing carefully selected songs such as “Try,” “Redemption Song” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The night of Shaggy and Friends marks Tessanne’s triumphant return to her homeland, and her support for the Bustamante Hospital!

    There are more artists to be added which gives fans all the more reason to attend and support the event. The location of the concert is the lawn of the Governor General’s House on Hope Road (Kingston, Jamaica; this is the perfect venue to make a statement! Imagine thousands of people rocking and grooving to the sweet music from the best entertainers and raising money at the same time!

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    Long time Reggae singer, Likkle Lightning, who came on the scene in the late nineties, is promising a comeback in 2014.

    When he stepped out on the music scene in the nineties, Likkle Lightning garnered the respect of his peers by composing unique, roots Reggae music with catchy hooks. With influences from artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Beres Hammond and Freddie McGregor, Likkle Lightning made the type of songs many say were simply unforgettable. He performed on shows in Jamaica with King Yellowman, Professor Nuts, Luciano, Sizzla Kalonji, and many others. His powerful tracks captured the attention of many in the media who interviewed him for their respective media houses. He has had interviews on Links FM radio, been featured in the Jamaica Star newspaper and several other publications.

    Likkle Lightning now alternates between life in New York and Jamaica. Though he continued with his musical career when he first relocated to the USA, he admits that he has not been as consistent as he should be. As such, he is now promising to work harder and be more focused on his career in the coming year. To show that he is serious, Likkle Lightning recently released a single, “early morning flash”, accompanied by an official video. See both below.

    Watch official video for “early morning flash” by Likkle Lightning here:

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  • Demarco’s ‘Lazy Body’ Added to VEVO Networks Top Reggae Mix

    With the demand for Dancehall & Reggae music growing exponentially across the globe, more Jamaican entertainers are rapidly infiltrating the international space with their unique sound. Only last week musical savant Demarco received a pleasant surprise following a formal notification that his video for the infectious ladies anthem ‘Lazy Body’ has been added to Vevo Networks Top Reggae Mix via American superstar Snoop Lion channel. Other prominent acts making the playlist includes Mavado, Vybz Kartel and Mr. Boombastic Shaggy. The revelation comes on the heels of Demarco’s recent launch of his own Vevo channel DemarcolifeVevo.

    In a release to the Media Demarco says, “Having your music added to the playlist of the Vevo Top Reggae Mix is an accomplishment within itself not just for me as an artiste but for the genre on a whole. There are hundreds of international acts on Vevo from which to select, so to be chosen as a representative for the Reggae brand is definitely something of value.”

    The addition of Demarco’s song to the playlist will see him being exposed to new markets via the various platforms to which Vevo markets. Vevo, LLC (stylized vevo) is a joint venture music video website owned and operated by Universal Music Group, Google, Sony Music Entertainment, and Abu Dhabi Media. EMI Records licensed its content to the service before being purchased by UMG in 2012. It was launched on December 8, 2009. The videos on Vevo are syndicated across the web, with Google and Vevo sharing the advertising revenue.

    Two weeks earlier ‘Lazy Body’ also clinched the top spot on St. Lucia’s Wave 94FM Top 20 Caribbean Countdown and continues to occupy a spot on that chart among several others. Gearing up to depart the island later this week, the ‘Fren Circle’ deejay will headline a concert in Belize City, Belize before shifting focus to the African continent for a show in Zimbabwe.

    Meanwhile, plans are now afoot to shoot a video for the JayCrazie Records produced ‘Mosquito Mesh’ that has creating quite a stir on the local Dancehall scene with the spawning of an accompanying dance created by former Dancehall Queen Nickiesha.

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  • New Releases from FOX FUSE featuring Positive, Norris Man, Stein, D’Angel and More

    Positive Brings “Blessing After Blessing” for the Holidays

    Gospel reggae star Positive brings us his new single “Blessing After Blessing” in time for the holiday season, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on December 16, 2013, distributed by FOX FUSE. The Trinidad and Tobago-based artist fuses soca flavors with his usual Gospel fare, making for a more seasonal offering for the holiday season, which is generally celebrated with soca music as Trinidad enters its Carnival season. This energetic, feel-good track was penned by Positive and produced by Precision Productions, adding yet another hit to Positive’s catalog.

    Positive released his sophomore album Forever My King (on December 4, 2012 from FOX FUSE) and has been releasing singles and videos and touring, all year long. He recently celebrated seven years in his musical journey at Trinidad and Tobago’s first ever Gospel all-inclusive in November in Diego Martin, Trinidad. The event was themed Chapter 7: Blessing After Blessing, which drew from the title of his exciting new single. International media attended and interviewed Positive at this uplifting event, which he spearheaded, including TEMPO-TV and Billboard Magazine.

    Stein Disses Popcaan with New Single, “War Get Serious”

    Dancehall star Stein (formerly known as Einstein) closes out the year on a strong note with his Popcaan diss track, “War Get Serious,” released on December 16, 2013 from all major digital retailers worldwide, distributed by FOX FUSE. The provocative single was produced by Stein’s own label, New Planet Records, and was created to hype up Stein’s highly anticipated appearance on the annual Sting stage show on Boxing Day in Jamaica. “War Get Serious” stays true to its title, and with blazing lyrics and rhythm to match, makes for a solid, hardcore dancehall joint for fans of the genre.

    Coming off a massive year of seeing the release of his debut album All Or Nothing (on June 25, 2013 from FOX FUSE), Stein stays on top of his game with a slew of new singles and videos, including a follow-up track to “War Get Serious,” titled “Di War Start,” set for release in January 2014. With his music now available to fans across the globe, Stein rounds up the year by taking center stage at Sting and bringing his sounds to the dancehall battlefield and fans at home.

    Kick Dem Records Presents the DayDreamz Riddim

    Kick Dem Records presents the DayDreamz Riddim, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on December 17, 2013, from FOX FUSE. The tantalizing dancehall compilation is the latest release from Jamaican-based imprint Kick Dem Records, fronted by producers ZJ Bruce Lee and Kris Beatz.

    The DayDreamz Riddim features dancehall thrillers Bugle with “Thank God For Another Year,” D’Angel with “When Mi Whine,” G-Whizz with “Happy People” and Terro 3000 with “Check In.” This is just the latest in a string of hit releases from Kick Dem Records as they work to keep dancehall music at a competitive level, both at home and internationally.

    Norris Man Embarks on Mystical Journey with New Album

    Jamaican reggae artist Christopher “Norris Man” Campbell embarks on a Mystical Journey with his 13th full-length studio effort, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on December 17, 2013 from FOX FUSE. The conscious reggae and lovers rock singer is known for spreading positive vibes and socially-conscious messages through his uplifting, feel-good sounds, and this collection of new works is no different. Born in Trench Town, Jamaica, Norris Man spent his early years honing his craft as a rising talent and later secured a name for himself in the reggae landscape in his homeland, before migrating to Sweden. Mystical Journey debuted on iTunes New and Noteworthy Reggae homepage in Sweden, where Norris Man and the album’s producers are based.

    Boasting 17 tracks, Mystical Journey is stacked with guaranteed classics, guided by Norris Man’s velvety vocals and backed by quintessential reggae riddims. Taking one year to create, all 17 songs were penned by Norris Man while the album was produced by Nordic Steel with producers Henrik “Spitfiyah” Persson, Jens “Jatrix” Landegren and Iman “Russ” Esmaeilpour at the helm, and also by Norris Man under his production house, Home & Away Music. Producers Mystic Man, Ras Udo and Kevin Lewis also pooled their talents to create this must-have album for all reggae music fans.

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  • Shaggy & Friends Benefits Concert Set For January 4, 2014

    New York, New York – With the closing of a tremendous year, international super star Shaggy is gearing up for the start of an amazing 2014. Commencing with his annual Shaggy and Friends Benefits Concert set to take place on Saturday, January 4 2014 at the Jamaica House.

    Shaggy was introduced to the Bustamante Hospital for Children whilst visiting a friend’s son who had been admitted there. He was so moved by what he saw, that he vowed to do whatever he could to make things better there for Jamaica’s children. This visit opened Shaggy’s eyes to the obstacles children are faced with receiving medical care in Jamaica and the region, it being the only full service children’s hospital in the English speaking Caribbean, he resolved that something had to be done in order to improve the conditions there.

    Nine years prior to forming Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation, he had personally made donations of medical equipment, which the hospital desperately needed. When asked why he started the Shaggy and Friends Benefits Concerts, Shaggy stated

    “My humble donations pale in comparison to the hospital’s true needs list of over US$2,000,000 worth of equipment. On an international scale, that may seem like a humble figure, easily reached in other parts of the world, but the truth is that for a hospital in Jamaica, dependent on public funding, it is a daunting challenge”.

    Shaggy & Friends Benefits Concert is an annual event and a united effort, which not many persons could pull off. Annually Shaggy and his team are able to reach out to sponsors, top entertainers in all genres of music and come together to raise funds for the children of Bustamante Hospital in Jamaica.

    On January 4, 2014, Shaggy & Friends will stage another remarkable event. With a star studded line up of R&B super star NeYo, Tarrus Riley, Konshens, Chronixx, Elephant Man, Pinchers, Wayne Marshall, Admiral Bailey and making her first appearance since winning The Voice Tessanne Chin are all set to be a part of this remarkable event.

    “We are excited every year to see the artists come together and give their time to save a life. Yet, we are even more excited to see the children of Bustamante Children Hospital receive the necessary tools needed to assist with curing their ailments, says Shaggy.

    To date Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation has raised over US$1,000,000 (J$90 Million) for the hospital, and has covered the costs for an overall audit to be done on all medical equipment (working or otherwise) at the Bustamante Hospital (June – July, 2012). In addition, the Foundation has donated two (2) new fully equipped dental chairs for the hospital’s Dental Unit, as the existing unit was forced closed for several months due to non-functional dental chairs. Shaggy’s mission is to save the lives of these children and with your help it can be done.

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    Basically, 120 beats per minute created a problematic pulsating rhythm from Studio B entitled “Bomb Drop”. The root of the production process was grounded with a vintage soca sound style. A bubbling bass drum captivates the reveler and causes an inevitable movement, a wine or a bubble. Ardent supporters just love that one repetitive melody, (the guitars in this case) which they can hum and voice easily when lyrics are hard to find the tongue. The collaboration of Saddis and Lead Pipe, members of the Most Wanted Entertainment group, expertly affords females with an opportunity to be the boss in the dance arena. Patrice conquers the words with a superior flow and executes like a terrorist at work. The flawless merge of music and lyrics became one when Bailey and Daddy Bubbles cleared the rubble as Studio B maintained a dominant force that Carnival lovers cannot resist. Patriced rhapsodized about a thrilling soca party experience; one where her sexual appeal was at work and the lyrical content resembles the debris of the scattering bomb explosion.

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  • Strictly The Best Series – BET’s 106 & Park Has Samantha J Perform Featured Track “Tight Up Skirt”

    Established in 1993, Strictly The Best is the first annual reggae compilation in the business. This year’s installment Vol. 48 & Vol. 49, which features an explosive collection of trendsetting hits on two separate discs, is available this week (Dec. 17) and marks the series’ 20th anniversary. Year after year, the Strictly The Best series unveils a comprehensive collection of the genre’s most popular tunes and breaking hits. The go-to compilation features reggae’s biggest stars and is also a platform for new talent to gain notoriety in the industry.

    This year’s Strictly The Best Vol. 48 includes 2013’s most sought-after smooth sounds in lovers rock and roots. Jamaican powerhouse Tessanne Chin, who is a top contender on NBC’s The Voice this season, delivers a spine-tingling ballad on “Incredible Love,” while roots empress Etana celebrates life’s blessings that are often taken for granted on the title track of her most recent effort Better Tomorrow. Reggae’s royal family Morgan Heritage makes a grand entrance with “Here Come The Kings,” the title track off their most recent album, and delivers a powerful plea on “Forgive Me” towards the close of the album. No. 1 Billboard hitmaker and UK’s reggae pop icon Maxi Priest also shines on his latest chart-topper “Easy To Love,” which will be featured on his 2014 album on VP Records. Volume 48 will provide the perfect soundtrack to unwind and reflect over the holiday season for years to come.

    On the other end, Strictly the Best Vol. 49 delivers the hottest Jamaican dancehall tunes banging in the streets, clubs and on the airwaves. The set opens with the fierce sizzler “Riot” from multi-platinum reggae star Sean Paul featuring Grammy-winning musician Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. The song will also be featured on Sean Paul’s upcoming studio album Full Frequency. Then, the fire keeps blazing with Major Lazer’s remix of 2013 Soul Train Award winner Bunji Garlin’s massive carnival hit “Differentology (Ready For The Road)” Also, songs like Elephant Man’s “Miley Cyrus Twerk” and Mr. Vegas’ “Party Tun Up (remix)” featuring Fatman Scoop and Sean Paul will get the dancefloor shaking. The 17-year-old rising Jamaican pop star Samantha J recently performed Vol. 49’s featured track “Tight Up Skirt,” which samples Red Rat’s iconic anthem, on BET’s 106 & Park last Monday (Dec. 9). Whether it’s currently at the top of the Jamaican charts or an underground club anthem sweeping the dancehalls, every song on Volume 49 will get the party started no matter the occasion.

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  • New Video – Angela Hunte “One Shot” (VICE Noisey Premiere) – Grammy Winning Songwriter and Singer Shots Video at 5 Pointz

    Angela Hunte, singer and famed writer for Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears and many more, unveils the new music video for her song “One Shot” produced by Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis (The Fugees, Shakira, Justin Beiber). Hunte steps in front of the camera this time with her electric new reggae-influenced selection, available now on VP Records’ Reggae Gold 2013 compilation.

    The Brooklyn native with Trinidadian roots, who has also written and contributed vocals for reggae crossover albums from Gyptian, Snoop Lion and Major Lazer, shot this video at NYC’s iconic graffiti mecca 5 Pointz. Directed by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda, “One Shot” is the last video on record to be filmed at this iconic block-long public art space in Long Island City (Queens). Just weeks before, the factory building’s graffiti exterior was painted white to make way for a new real estate development.

    The artistic backdrop for “One Shot” reflected New York City’s history of graffiti artists. Hunte – who won a Grammy for co-producing and writing Jay Z ‘s “Empire State of Mind” feat. Alicia Keys – parallels the fame of the visual artists at 5 Pointz, whose names will be remembered at this turning point in NYC art history.

    This is just the beginning for Hunte. With the help of producers Major Lazer, Supa Dups, Di Genius, Grind Music and Jerry Wonda, she is currently putting the final touches on her debut album due in Spring 2014.

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  • Norris Man Embarks on ‘Mystical Journey’ with New Album

    New York, NY – Jamaican reggae artist Christopher “Norris Man” Campbell embarks on a Mystical Journey with his 13th full-length studio effort, available worldwide from all major digital retailers today, December 17, 2013 from FOX FUSE. The conscious reggae and lovers rock singer is known for spreading positive vibes and socially-conscious messages through his uplifting, feel-good sounds, and this collection of new works is no different. Born in Trench Town, Jamaica, Norris Man spent his early years honing his craft as a rising talent and later secured a name for himself in the reggae landscape in his homeland, before migrating to Sweden. Mystical Journey debuted today on iTunes New and Noteworthy Reggae in Sweden, where Norris Man and the album’s producers are based.

    Boasting 17 tracks, Mystical Journey is stacked with guaranteed classics, guided by Norris Man’s velvety vocals and backed by quintessential reggae riddims. Taking one year to create, all 17 songs were penned by Norris Man while the album was produced by Nordic Steel with producers Henrik “Spitfiyah” Persson, Jens “Jatrix” Landegren and Iman “Russ” Esmaeilpour at the helm, and also by Norris Man under his production house, Home & Away Music. Producers Mystic Man, Ras Udo and Kevin Lewis also pooled their talents to create this must-have album for all reggae music fans.

    Fueled by the lead single “These Feelings,” (which shines with harmony vocals courtesy of Swedish dancehall star, Million Stylez) and backed by its music video (directed by Spitfiyah and will premiere on VEVO shortly), Mystical Journey is also supported by new singles “You Got to Know,” “Babylon Affi Fade,” “Holding My Own” and “Smell The Coffee.” Norris Man plans to promote the album up-close and personal with fans during the upcoming Mystical Journey Tour, which is slated to start in February 2014 and will trek from The Gambia and Ghana in Africa, through Europe and culminate in the United States. “The mission of this album is to keep the roots of what our founders have left for us and to let the fans know that conscious music is still alive, regardless of all the commercial stuff out there,” Norris Man discloses. With this album and upcoming tour, Norris Man fulfills his personal prophecy and continues his lifelong work of building the reggae music movement, in all corners of the globe.

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  • NYC Album Release Party!

    NYC Album Release Party for Juakali’s Feathers Too Bright! Party happening this week at Anchor Bar in NYC. The new album Feathers Too Bright for sale as well as limited edition necklaces courtesy Zabe Bent Metals. Live performance goes down at midnight. Special Guests include Dave Q, Liondub and DJ Shiftee.

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  • New Soca Parang | MS PAIGE – LEH WE PARANG

    (Toronto, On.) – In the spirit of giving, Ms Paige shares with
    you her second song for the holiday season. Collaborating once more with
    SLAUGHTER ARTS, Ms Paige presents her first soca parang, entitled LEH WE

    Leh We Parang is written and performed by Ms Paige and is brought to you by
    the Lucian producers of her prior releases, “Nice & Slow” and “Turn It Up”,
    Patrice Regis & Nigel Nicholas of Slaughter Arts.

    A new age type of soca parang, Ms Paige pays homage to the holiday music of
    the land of her heritage, Trinidad & Tobago. So get allyuh cuatros, maracas, and
    tok-toks ready – We Parangin’ For De Christmas!

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  • Lisa Bennett, a new fusion on Reggae Music

    Belgium – Lisa Bennett debuts her first reggae EP which can only be described as modern reggae with a jazzy/soulful touch. Apple Tree, being one of Rory of Stone Love’s favorites, bounces over the Belly Ska Riddim while My House on the ever so popular Puff Puff Riddim, delivers a full dose of awareness in a cool & subtle way with Iba Mahr being one of many to participate on MacLes’s Puff Puff Riddim. Make sure to check out features with Weedy G, DreadSquad, & even a special remix of Radikal Guru created by Lisa herself.

    Blowing Down Trees is nominated for Album Of The Year on

    Brooklyn born to Jamaican parents, Lisa began singing in school and church choirs, then later to local talent shows. She soon began penning her own lyrics which would later lead to her being offered a major deal that she turned down. Now on her own terms, Lisa has released her first reggae EP & has managed to bring something fresh & new to the table. An appreciation that many have gotten a chance to experience at such festivals as Reggae Geel, Kokopelli, & MekItBurn to name a few.

    Lisa is definitely blazing a new path in reggae & it’s all her own. Delivering music that’s soulful & consciously aware, it’s a guarantee that you’ll hear from her over & over again. Look out for shows in Belgium in Feb, March, May, and throughout the year. Also be sure to check, zionhighness radio,, & RockSteady Reggae Radio to hear the latest music from Lisa Bennett.

    Lisa is currently in Jamaica working on new projects, music videos and collaborations.

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  • Zagga- Catch Him If You Can

    Kingston (JA) – Chimney Records’ recording artiste Zagga has been making his rounds doing live performances over the past year. His latest being the ‘Never Give Up’ Concert At Holmwood Technical High School – that treated the students to a concert and personal development sessions, all in aid to raise funds to buy a bus for the institution.

    Zagga was pleased by the reception at the school and comments that the initiative was a good one and he was proud to be a part of it. He also says that it was humbling to see the children’s response to the message he was delivering and he looks forward to doing more shows of this nature. The concert also featured other acts such as Denyque, Darrio, Romain Virgo amongst others.

    In the coming days and weeks, along with promoting his new single ‘My Destination’ on the ‘Rising Sun Riddim’, Zagga will be preparing for two more live performances to close out what he describes as a successful and fulfilling year. You can catch Zagga performing live in Kingston this Friday, December 13 at a special concert dubbed ‘Keznamdi Live’. This event features fellow ‘Reggae Revivalists’ such as Keznamdi, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Dre Island and Kelissa. The show is set to start at 9pm at Levels, 6B Skyline Drive in Jacks Hill.

    On December 26, Zagga will be one of the two major acts gracing the stage at a show dubbed ‘Million Dollar Man’ to be held at Faith’s Pen Rest Stop in his home parish St Ann. He is excited as always to be performing in St. Ann and promises that this event will be a good one.

    Zagga is currently in talks with various promoters about doing more live shows and he’s also planning a series of intimate acoustic performances so stay tuned!

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  • Bounty Unleashes New Single Inspired by Iconic Movie “The Harder They Come”

    Jamaica, U.S.A – Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, The Harder They Come has inspired countless reggae music love-ins on college campuses and among Jamaicans around the world. Now the iconic movie can add a dancehall rhythm to its list of tributes, as One Jam Music releases Bounty’s blazing Harder — a devastating response to all his challengers, and the teaser to One Jam’s latest production, the Harder Than Hard album slated for release in early 2014.

    Harder Than Hard is the brainchild and labor of love of One Jam Music, a boutique reggae music label. The project was inspired by the classic 1972 Jimmy Cliff film written and directed by Perry Henzell and co-written by Trevor D. Rhone. Considered a cult classic, The Harder They Come was the first film made in Jamaica shortly after independence, one of the most successful independent films of all time and “the soundtrack album has joined Marley’s catalog as reggae’s cornerstones” (SF Chronicle).

    Continuing the firsts, Harder Than Hard will be the first riddim-driven album that will use samples and themes from one movie as the basis for all the songs on the compilation. The album, slated for release in early 2014, will feature a star-studded cast of established and rising dancehall and reggae artists and will lead off with the single Harder from Grammy nominated international star Bounty.

    On the eve of “Sting” 2013, dubbed “The greatest dancehall show on earth,” the dancehall world has been eagerly awaiting a response from Bounty to challenges and insults hurled at him in recent months from Mr. Vegas, Anthony B, and most recently Mavado. The Warlord has finally responded, and it is with devastating impact. The musical response Harder, which conjures up memories of a favorite dancehall era when lyrical battles were en vogue and reached their highpoint at Sting, draws dialog samples from The Harder They Come, and in true style delivers a verbal lashing to his challengers.

    While the single for Harder will be available on all major digital outlets served by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital, the 40-year legacy and enduring potency of The Harder They Come is being celebrated by the film’s owners, International Films Limited (IFM) and their distribution partners. IFM, Syndctd Entertainment and Xenon Pictures will digitally release the film on iTunes and through VHX in late December. A blu-ray is set for Spring 2014 and various Harder They Come theatrical screenings / reggae music parties will roll out through 2014 on college campuses and with Jamaican diaspora groups and roots reggae groups in Boston, Brooklyn, Toronto and all over the globe.

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