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Soca Star Tian Winter Releases New Album, Receives iTunes Feature

After hearing his song for the first time, several persons are enquiring as to why it was not among the top three festival songs last year. The performer and writer, Redeem approached MJE and asked that we tell his story as he believes that it is a corrupt music system that is crippling young artists like himself.

Redeem states that last year he wrote two songs, one for the gospel competition and one for the cultural competition. He gave the gospel song to his brother to record, while he focused on the cultural song. He said that a gentleman from Old Harbor (who is a teacher by profession but someone who also had connections with persons at the festival’s office) was really impressed with his cultural song and told him that he should pay him the entry fee of $1000 JMD (which he did) and he would ensure that the song gets in.

A few days later, Redeem got a phone call at approximately 6am from the gentleman from Old Harbor telling him that he spoke with someone at the festival office and they are saying that the song is good but “a ting affi gwaan”, meaning monies needs to be paid in order for his song to go any further.

Redeem is really hurt by this experience and it is even worst when he meets people who have heard the song and have nothing but good things to say about it. Persons may listen to the song for themselves here:

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