Tropicalfete Virtual Rhythm Section

Since quarantine has started The TropicalFete family has been trying to to stay connected, and make it feel like we have never stopped any of our activities. Even though we are at home taking safety precautions, you can still have fun playing the pan, and learning about stilts. Now we have the Riddim section on google classroom. This is good for anyone who wants to learn how to make some nice music with other instruments. Now that we are learning how to use pots and pans to make music, lets use it for something serious. Did you know that at 7:00 every afternoon people go outside their house to cheer? “What are they cheering for”, you might ask. Well these people cheer to celebrate all the hard-working workers who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe. We call these people front-line workers. People who work as nurses, doctors, firefighters, emt, etc. those are front-line workers. 

“We don’t only cheer for the doctors and nurses, we cheer for the people who haven’t stopped working since quarantine has started. They are also risking their lives, and being exposed to the virus.”~says a local resident from crown heights. Cheering at 7:00 doesn’t only happen in New york. This is a global ritual for multiple people around the world. So now when you hear cheering at 7:00 pm you know what to do and what it is for. So get you pots and pans ready by 7:00 because it will be time to cheer.

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