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Trinidad Carnival Results 2012

Road March
1. Machel Montano – “Pump Yuh Flag”
2. Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez – “Miss Behave”
3. Neil “Iwer” George – “No Pain”

Calypso Monarch
1.Duane O’Connor
2.Kurt Allen
3.Karene Asche

Extempo Monarch
Leslie-Ann Bristow a.k.a Lady Africa

Political Commentary Monarch
Kurt Allen

Social Commentary Monarch
Duane O’Connor

Ralliez-Vous – A Mon Panache Blanc! – Roland St George
Malakyahweh – The Praying Mantis – Gerard Weekes

Mother of Humanity – The Weeping Madonna – CharissBovell

National Panorama Champions in the Large Conventional Band
Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Play Yourself Clive Telemaque Leon ‘Smooth’ Edwards

George Bailey Band of the Year (Large)
1. “Sanctification – In Search Of” – Brian Mac Farlane
2. “Carnival – The Golden Years” – Trini Revellers
3. “Flight” – Legacy

Band of the Year (Medium)
1. “Exodus – The Second Book Of The Bible” – The Words and Associates
2. “Jus Friends” – Jus Friends
3. “Dis Is We Thing” – D Harvard Revellers

Band of the Year (Small)
1. “The Iroquois Nation” – Tribal Connection Cultural Promotions
2. “Xante Trinbago Xante” – Rosalind Gabriel & Village Productions
3. “Festivals of the World” – BOSS (Belmont Original Stylish Sailors)

Power International Soca Monarch
1. Machel Montano – “Pump Yuh Flag”
2. Neil Iwer George
3. Destra Garcia

Groovy Soca Monarch
1. Machel Montano – “Mr. Fete”
2. Kerwin Du Bois
3. Benjai
4. Nadia Batson
5. Kees Dieffenthaller

Chutney Soca Monarch
1st Place – KI
2nd Place – Rikki Jai
3rd Place – Rick Ramoutar

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