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New York based reggae artiste Three Star has returned to the music scene with his new track Wrath Pon Dem.

Three Star, who took almost a year long break from the music scene, says this new song is his clarion call for everyone to listen to his music as he is back and plans to go harder than ever. “This song is addressing a topic that has been on my mind for a long time. A lot of men are just sperm donors and abandon their children before they are born. Since I am a conscious artiste its only natural that I address issues affecting the society in a bad way.”

The track which has lines like, Naah mek nuh boy come mine my youth… mek sure mi bond wid mi youth from root, is expected to be a good performer on Three Star’s upcoming album.

Three Star, who has been recording consistently while on hiatus, has several other songs lined up to release in the coming weeks in aid of his upcoming album Speak Up Time. The album contains 16 tracks and will be released in late February.

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