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The 13th Annual Seasplash Festival Announces Reggae Heavyweights Inner Circle as one of its Headline Acts

The first announcement of performers 13th Seasplash festival
Time passes, who waits, and the welcome! So we finally arrived to the first publication of the performers who will perform during the happy, 13th Publication Seasplash festival, also fourth in the series since returned in the unique and magical locations fortress Stinjan near Pula Punta Christo.
On this occasion we tried to meet a wide range of musical styles, from traditional to modern devel- oped within the scene that nurtured so. sound system and bass culture, including the names of the anthology, over current, which in the past period recorded notable successes and results of their work, to the individual who represent fresh and upcoming power.

As every year, and this in addition to the dynamic and rich program of preparing and many other Festival events, including a variety of novelties and some new, exclusive information, which we will inform you in the second half of April.

Until then, let us once again that this year’s Seasplash held July 16 to 19

Inner Circle, originally from Jamaica, is one of the most respected reggae groups in the world and with a long series of successful projects starting in the mid seventies. With two won a Grammy and a unique sound that blends specific Jamaican rhythm with a very energetic performance of this band was able to overcome traditional reggae frames and attract a mass audience interest throughout the world. Performing on the world’s biggest festivals where they shared the stage with icons of pop music such as Elton John, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Carlos Santana and many, many others, this quintet has a background of decades of triumph within the music industry. And of the many success stories from their impressive long career almost every one of us will smile and swing at the mention of the largest ones such as Bad Boys, Mary Mary and of course Sweat (A La La La La Long). Inner Circle are among the pioneering reggae bands and day -present have a reputation and honor among colleagues and fans.

Nucleus Roots
Exceptionally meritorious to run, and with a great contribution to the preservation of culture at Royal Manchester Roots reggae scene, Nucleus Roots play, record and publish top Roots music last eighteen years. The group is on the ashes of the legendary punky reggae band-Community Charge founded versatile musician Paul Lush, a lot of support and praises received from numerous colleagues, including its sound system like Aba-Shanti I & Iration Steppers and Jah Shaka. Of cooperation that have been made to be mentioned those with world-renowned reggae artists such as Mykal Rose and Twinkle Brothers.

Jah Free
For over three decades, the music that brings us Jah Free is full of fatty Bass, exciting and elusive! Clear view, directed against Babylon, he gives love and encourages active vibration on foci human solidarity: of squats and clubs, through marches up through the ceremony of the festival. Also interesting is the list of his musical colleagues, with whom he created some of the most roots and dub mantra today: Mad Professor, Zion Train, Vibronics, Iration Steppas, Bush Chemists, Devon Russell, Wayne Mcarthur … With the British legend, from that list recommend and Dandelion Sound, BR Stylers, King Shiloh, Kibish Tribe, but also our trump card Radikal Dub Kolektiv! For a long time with us on Seasplash festival, this tireless explorer sound always brings a handful of fresh material, as dancers price in mind and body. A powerful message, which enhances dividing vibration audience today is more relevant than ever before!

Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft
Nemanja Kojic, better known under the stage name Hornsman Coyote, Serbian reggae performer, trombonist, singer and frontman of reggae-metal band Eyesburn. After years of success with EYESBURN and performances around the world, starting a solo career as a trombonist and singer on the international reggae scene and cooperates with famous producers and musicians. With a group of Soulcraft performances from 2013, and that all members of seasoned reggae musicians, exciting concert is guaranteed!

The Natural Dub Cluster
Attractive performances, characterized by synergy futuristic dub sound with innovative visual compositions, are a trademark of The Natural Dub Cluster. Solid teamwork is the result of an advanced vision of the founders of the three brothers and dedicated work with co-workers. Things album Neg-entropy and In Deep regularly included in numerous mixes with outstanding feedback from the scene. With an intense live activity, requested the name, and this summer will be a great inspiration to the audience at the Seasplash festival!

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