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"That 'Oh Gosh' Moment That You Will Remember"

We’re painting a picture, so follow closely. You are dressed, full of energy and in search of the best fete…You get to the venue and at that very moment your favourite song tunes up, what do you do? We see your hands tightly gripping your head while your waist line warms up. The first phrase that slips off your tongue is “Oh Gosh” and that’s the party starter.

Canadian based, Trinbago born Soca artiste Stephon “Slammer Cutter” Mark in his Carnival 2016 contribution ‘Oh Gosh’ is creating the perfect haven for feters and those present at any party. Through the track which was produced by both Arnold “Blackstarr” Noel (Blackstarr Productions) and Nikholai Greene (NMG Music) he is encouraging you to let go and enjoy the best of Carnival 2016. You should understand though that a Carnival without that special memory, that “Oh Gosh” moment is not an enjoyable one.

Residing overseas is quite trying at times but he continuously finds solace in translating his experiences through music. For Slammer his contributions to Soca music are derived from a place of love and a longing to feel at home. Whether physically present on the island of his birth or not his heart remains, allowing him to create comfortably. No stranger to the entertainment industry, having been involved for 10 years Slammer is still knocking on doors and working on perfecting his craft. He is known for a number of his releases and specific mention should be made of his 2009 hit single ‘Hangover.’ With two songs already released, he is preparing to release two more prior to culmination of Carnival 2016, one of which will feature Grenadian Jab Jab ambassador Tallpree.

Look out for Slammer’s releases as he continues to contribute to Soca music.

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