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Terry Seales dances back into spotlight with "Island Girl"

Terry Seales is back. The original ‘winer boi’ of soca rotates into the spotlight with a hit making chuntey soca collaboration with Soca Elvis entitled “Island Girl”. The former New Creation crooner is at his vocal best on the mid-tempo Maha Production-track that’s already a red hot favourite among fans of the genre.

“Really and truly I haven’t gone anywhere I’ve always been in and around music if not actively creating. But it feels good to be able to put out music again and to see the overwhelming response it’s humbling, it shows that I was missed,” said Seales of the success of the track.

Written by Nigel Rojas, Elvis (Michael Salloum) and Seales the sing along groove track tells the story of an East Indian Jamaican girl’s first visit to Trinidad and experiencing chutney soca music for the first time.

“I met this Indian gal/she come down from Jamaica/she come for carnival/ of which she was a stranger/she never hear chutney soca/or the sweet tassa/she only know dancehall from the day that she was born,” the duo sing.

Seales enjoyed several pockets of success during his two decades in music. He toured extensively across Europe in the early 90’s with New Creation after their Beatles cover “Hey Jude” became a runaway hit across the continent. He returned to T&T later that decade to stints on the frontlines of several soca bands including: Imj & Co, Atlantik, Mayaro the Band and Surface.

The immediate success of his new release “Island Girl”, however, has the St Ann’s-based singer setting sights on the Chutney Soca Monarch title.

“Anything is possible,” he said with a coy smile.

“We just going to go put on a show and do our best and let the people decide.”

Seales, who is under new management, is also said to be working on a couple calypso offerings, as well as, a power soca which promises to be a fan favourite.

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