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Stylez aka IAmStylezMusic logs more than 21,000 views on YouTube, and 70,000 views on Facebook for his recently released “It’s a Pitty” music video.  The artist personally thanks fans during his live Facebook broadcast.   The independently produced song and music video has been gaining traction on the radio since its release in April, and continues with visual strides by way of YouTube and thousands of fans who have logged on to watch, comment and share the video’s link.  The video has been available for one week and already hasRead More
  Dancehall’s rising star Stylez, aka IAmStylezMusic has just released the music video for his hit single “It’s a Pity” which combines Dancehall culture with cinematography and story telling.   Shot on location in Jamaica, filmed by the HD Boyz and directed by Stylez, the music video sees the artist survive a plane crash in a desert, and armed with a prayer and two Psalms, overcome obstacles meant to dissuade him and throw him off his chosen path in life.  To emphasize the point of how energy flows, subtle effectsRead More